Press Release: Special Guest Appearence by Celebrity Publicist “Toni Embry”

Celebrity Publicist Toni Embry To Make Personal Appearance At 2011 International Viva Music Artfest

Chief Celebrity Entertainment Publicist Toni Embry, Of Glacé Entertainment Public Relations™, To Make Personal Appearance At 2011 International Viva Music Artfest

Toni Embry – Photo Captured By: Bradly Montague

Oct 24, 2011 – Glacé Entertainment Public Relations™ announced today that its Chief Celebrity Entertainment Publicist Toni Embry (see “Owl Grafitti” Photo Of Toni Embry in this release captured by Photographer, Bradly Montague) will make a personal appearance at ‘Nashville Center Stage’ in Nashville, TN. Saturday – October 29, 2011 @ 5p.m. – midnight, for the 2011International Viva Music Artfest

In an ongoing effort to insure that music is available to everyone as a creative outlet, Chief Celebrity Entertainment Publicist, Toni Embry and Glacé Entertainment Public Relations™ have graciously accepted an invitation by Gigi de Lugo and ‘Viva Nashville’ to attend the 2011 International Viva Music Artfest. The event will be in support of the “Keep The Music Playing” Foundation Started by The CMA (Country Music Association) in 2006.

To Purchase Tickets For This Event ($15.00 – Advanced Purchase Recommended ) – Please Visit Here :

When the “Keep The Music Playing” program began, it had been more than 30 years since new instruments had been purchased for Metro Nashville Public Schools. Children were turned away from music programs because there weren’t enough instruments. In other cases, four to five students would share a single trombone. The instruments in the program were held together with duct tape by band directors since funding for necessary repairs was non-existent.

Through the generosity of the Country Artist community, CMA has been able to donate $4.7 million to purchase more than 4,000 instruments providing Metro students a strong reason to stay in school.

Multi-Award winning music publisher & feature film producer, 4th generation Virgin Islander, Angela Maria “Gigi” de Lugo’s, CrindelStar ~ Where The Universe Dreams™, is among the event’s sponsors. “Being part of this particular event has been a unique joy for me because it will be Premiering the latest works of art & music of many genres – truly one-of-a-kind, including a sneak-peek of Miami Designer, Richie Lucchese’s Forty Saints Apparel that is launching in Nashville”. Said Gigi. She went on to say, “Having Toni joining us at this celebration, well, I feel like Christmas has come early this year,” laughed Gigi, “and a joyful reunion of kindred spirits are converging on Music City!”

Visit CrindelStar ~ Where The UniverseDreams™:
*** FOR INTERVIEW REQUESTS FOR MR. EMBRY (while attending party or while in Nashville) – Please Submit In Writing Via Email To – Glacé Entertainment Public Relations™ Senior Publicist – Emelia Mancione @ (PRIOR TO EVENT)

Offices: 800*348*9788
Fax: 866*498*1559
Direct Contact & Cell #: PROVIDED UPON REQUEST

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