Full Blossom Magazine Releases Their Cheat The Heat Swimsuit Edition with Fiery Cover Models Andrea Jackson, Nicole Flores & Michele Hilton

fullblossomcover 10
FULL BLOSSOM Magazine releases issue 10 with models Andrea Jackson, Nicole Flores & Michele Hilton on the Cover. These industry renowned talented models shows off three sexy beach looks for the ladies wanting to show off their wonderful curves. With the heatwave all around the nation at a all-time high, Full Blossom magazine says “Turn Down For What”. CEO of FB Magazine, Mello Andrews says, “These ladies are the Face of Full Blossom Magazine and they represent the sexy in all types of curvy women, we are so excited to release this issue and wait until you see the beauties inside the pages.

The exciting new issue continues on the inside with a highlight of lovely Summer looks with models Andrea Jackson, Nicole Flores, Michele Hilton, Myka Drake, Malinda “Yum Yum” Bell, Stacy Egerie, Charity Lynette, Shani Aria, Cyrstal Her. The “I Am a Full Blossom Beauty”campaign continues with beautiful ladies “Alex Larosa” & “Morgan Whitney”. Full Blossom Magazine also introduces their new Fashion Consultant “Maira Plus Size”, as she explains her background and thoughts on fashion in the Plus Size community. Another great piece in the magazine is “Here Comes the Bride” by Fashion Coordinator/Instructor at Fashion Institute Of Technology in NYC “Catherine Schuller”. Mrs. Schuller explains her new role as Fashion Coordinator of the Yotel Hotel NYC’s Sunday Brunch, stating, “The Yotel is a Perfect place for me to flex my runway muscle and it has been a wonderful experience. I enjoy staging themed runway events on a regular basis, and on June 9th was my bridal Brunch show”.

Full blossom Magazine is all about “Healthy Curves” and in this issue features stories on “Workout Tips for Curvy Chicks” by Celebrity Fitness Instructor Charity Lynette of Curvy Chick Fitness and “Maintaining Wellness with A Busy Life” by LaTanya Ward Showers. These articles are meant to be motivation for all women, of all types of curves, who would like to adapt to the “Fit Curvy Chicks” lifestyle.

Full Blossom always likes to feature a person, or company that is accomplished and is at the top of their game. This month they featured Celebrity publicist Ernest Jackson of MNS Media. Mr. Jackson has worked Public Relations for such clients as Director of Music at BET/BET Music Matters “Buttahman”, Star of NuvoTV Curvy Girls “Ivory May”, 2010 & 2011 Female Hip Hop Honors, Grand Hustle First Lady “Bola”, Kimberly Rivers Roberts HBO’s “Treme”, Legendary Female Dance/Rap Group Oaktown’s 357, Legendary Female Rapper “Roxanne Shante” and more. In this issue he talks about his success as a manager/publicist within the plus model industry as well as the companies new TV project “Spades After Dark” the series.

Finally, this issue continues with the Full Blossom Virtual Mall. The mall was the brainchild of CEO “Evron Mello Andrews”, who wanted to create an outlet for Ladies to shop online in one place instead of having to bounce from site to site, but to be able to still shop quality.

A word from the Editor-In-Chief (Mello Andrews): Special thanks to all our readers, and all contributors. This issue is entitled and dedicated to Ways to Cheat the Heat this Summer. In our Money, Fashion, Health, and Lives segment we spotlight an incredibly accomplished Publicist-Ernest Jackson, and are continuing to showcase new models from across the world! We went with vibrant colors all through this issue because we want our readers feel of a cool summer breeze even as they flip through the pages. Enjoy Issue 10!

Special Salute to all new FBM Team members. Please view the current issue at http://www.fullblossommagazine.com

About FULL BLOSSOM Magazine: In mainstream media, plus size women are portrayed in an unattractive light. Plus size women are viewed in extreme ways and are faced with many stereotypes. Full Blossom Magazine seeks to change that. We want to show the beauty, intelligence, worthiness, sensuousness, and help build the self image of the Plus size woman.

To be featured in the magazine or to advertise please email: FullBlossom1@Gmail.com

For media Inquires please contact (Publicist) Ernest Jackson, MNS Media mnsmedia@gmail.com

Full Blossom Beauty Commercial featuring Face of Full Blossom Magazine – Andrea Jackson wearing Big Girls United

Full Blossom Beauty Commercial featuring Face of Full Blossom Nicole Flores wearing Big Girls United

Full Blossom Beauty Commercial featuring Face of Full Blossom Magazine -Michele Hilton.




DSC_0010_zps7e591808Plus, Pool Party & Fitness = Water Games with Charity Lynette, so ladies bring your Swim wear, this won’t be a workout it will be a fun Water Games Experience “Curvy Chick Fitness” The Water Edition. So everyone come out and have a great day.

Event Recap: Beekay Entertainment “Turnt Up” with a Heavy Hitting Release Party and Powerhouse Performance.


On Sunday June 30th at Free Candy in Brooklyn, NY the crowd was treated to a high energy performance by the Canarsie, Brooklyn based team Beekay Entertainment. From the time you meet artist Statz, Remedy, Cife-Man & Mackalevin the energy was high. They know that this rap music is their life and they welcome you into the Beekay Circle. Before they started to perform they met with media in the green room and talked about the team and how much projects they plan on working. They want everyone to know from Music, to film to business ventures, Beekay is about their business. The team has several leaders and several of them are performers as well, they stated when you work with them they are focused and willing to work with anyone that is about their business.

As the performance started it was obvious that they had true fans in the crowd. As they came out to perform each of them came out to screams of their name and applause. Cameras was flashing everywhere.

First Statz came out and the crowd sang with him. His energy was like he has been on stage forever. Working up a sweat but not missing a beat he continued on. Calling up team members seem to be the energy that they needed to continue through a exhausting performance. Next was Cife-Man one of the leaders of the team and a high energy performer. He left it all on the stage and the crowd couldn’t get enough. Just when you might have been ready to “Turn Down” hitting the stage was Remedy with a energy that you may have not been ready for. Smoke filled the stage and he just went in from the word go. The crowd loved it. Ending the show was the crowd pleaser and you can tell ladies man of the group “Mackalevin”. You can see why they save him for last. Someone has to make sure the crowd is still ready to party. These gentlemen left it all on sage and really showed why Beekay, is a force in the rap game.

Most artist would leave after performance but these artist stuck around and took pictures with fans and signed autographs. All in all you want to make sure and keep checking for these talented young men.


If you would like to enjoy the performance like we did here is a look into a great evening of music:

Concept Group NYC Releases online Trailer for “Spades After Dark” the Series


Spades is about to be the next big card game played in the home, bars, club and national TV networks all spearheaded by the hit series “Spades After Dark” airing this Fall on Funhouse TV which is a station on The Dish Network

For Immediate Release:

Executive Producers Concept Group NYC and Producers Keith White/Durvel Wilson unveil the official teaser for the live action card game “Spades After Dark” The Series.

Spades After Dark is the next big thing in television card games. Poker television programs have been extremely popular in the last eight-ten years, especially in North America and Europe. This has especially become the case since the invention of the “pocket cam” in 1997 (and its first use in the United States in 2002), which allows viewers at home to see each player’s hole cards. Now Poker has become a sensation in homes, bars and pubs all across the world.

Spades After Dark will start off as a Bi-Monthly Webisode where people will be able to log onto their computer and go straight to www.Spadesafterdark.com and watch our show. Watching Spades After Dark you can expect to see trash talking, arguments, teamwork, celebrity spades players and some interesting celebrity pop ups. The show is hosted by TV Personality Doice John & Celebrity Model/Actress Charity Lynette. The show is non traditional and so are the host. They gel on camera and keep the funny coming.

More about Spades After Dark:
We pick two celebrities or entertaining spades players and the partner of their choice. As they play the “pocket Cam” will film over their shoulders for the viewing audience. Filming of comments and trash talking from contestants will be a big part of what will keep you laughing while enjoying the show.

During the show there will be a live performance by a comedian or artist. Also to add to the fun time, the viewer will be able to tape their own game and send it to us to air in a section on the show called “Home of the Spades”. By sending us your video we may invite you to the “Spades After Dark studio to be on our next episode. So get those videos taped and sent to us today…

Celebrity Publicist/Executive Producer Ernest Jackson says “The Poker sensation had its time and is dwindling. It is time to bring another entertaining card game to the television screens. We believe that “Spades After Dark”, will be the perfect replacement. Networks like BET, VH1, BRAVO Network, TV One, Better Black Television and a host of other networks would be interested in this idea. In no time we will see a flood of networks emulating what they see on our program.

The Spades After Dark website won’t launch until the first show airs, however with the release of the video teaser we know you will look forward to the first episode the 2nd week of August 2013. Please view the teaser at: http://youtu.be/10bFvfZLwDw

To send your video submission in, please email us at spadesafterdark@gmail.com
To request your celebrity client be on the show which tapes in NYC please email us @ conceptgroupnyc@gmail.com