Celebrity Fitness Instructor Charity Lynette Presents “Healthy Now or Healthcare Later” Campaign for Employers


Celebrity Fitness Instructor Charity Lynette is known for her work in the community as well as with Celebrities, but through her volunteer exercise projects in the NYC Hospitals she has really understood the need for Health & Fitness in the Workplace. If there is health issues with employees in the place you go to be healthy, she realizes that there is a greater need in the Office and other workplace environment. It seems as if people are too busy or just too plain tired to work out after you get home from the office.

More and more businesses are building fitness opportunities into the workplace as a way to help employees stay fit and healthy. To have healthcare is the law of the land right now, but Charity Lynette’s hope is that her “Healthy Now or Healthcare Later” project will, decrease the amount of out of pocket co pays to the employee and continues bills to the employer.

According to the 2000 Benefits Survey produced by the Society for Human Resource Management in Alexandria, Virginia, 24% of the 606 companies that responded to the survey provide a fitness center or gym subsidy to employees, and 19% actually have an on-site fitness center.

While having a gym on-site would be great Charity Lynette knows that’s not realistic in every situation so she has tailored her workout to exercise routines that includes a 5-minute warm-up and then a circuit of several stations, each of which focuses on an Cardio & Strength training without the weights. Simply having a empty room to exercise during lunch can be a real bonus especially for women with children, who may find it difficult to exercise before or after work.

Currently Charity Lynette works out of a gym in the Bronx, NY and does classes in every borough when she isn’t traveling out of state. She also does personal fitness classes with Bravo TV Star of Millionaire Matchmaker “Robin Kassner”. She spends the remaining time counseling women and teaching them fitness techniques at Health Fairs and community programs.

Charity Lynette is the Ultimate Plus Size Fitness Instructor that has build a big buzz on the Internet. When you google her she is everywhere and her passion for her job just shines through in her articles, which can be seen in Full Blossom and Skorch Magazine as well as several other blog sites. She believes that the ladies really take to her because she understands that everyone doesn’t have the same body type but you can still be healthy while being a real size women.

To set up a low cost workout for your office or employees please feel free to reach out to Charity Lynette directly at charitylynettepromo@gmail.com


Fitness in The 90’s, Wow Did We Really Wear That?


Written by Charity Lynette of Curvy Chick Fitness

The 90’s!! So I will be taking stroll down memory lane full of fitness fashion and workout trends of the 90’s. Now let’s be honest a few of those trends can stay there, I can’t help but smile to myself anytime I see someone with a scrunchie on, then there are some that have made their way to 2013. The 90’s fitness scene didn’t have the over-the-top marketing of the 80’s but it definitely left a memorable mark on us.

Workout Gear

Leggings and bicycle shorts have been a staple in fitness since the 80’s and has made a way into 2013, well the leggings have. Whether they stop at your knees, mid-calf or all the way to your ankles this gym staple helps make the workout a little more comfortable. Even in the 90’s there wasn’t as many types of material that we have now but that didn’t stop women from layering their leggings with ankle warmers, sports bras, and dance leotards.

Yoga pants were also brought on the scene in the 90’s and just like leggings were worn outside of the gym for sheer comfort.

Neon colored clothing made a debut in the early 90’s. Pink, blue, purple, yellow and green were often paired up with other brightly colored clothing or plain black.

Scrunchies were a gym must have and the bigger the better! They came in array of colors and materials that would surely go with any outfit.

Hoodies became popular in the late 90’s and remain to this day. Full front zip up or a pull over are worn by men and woman in their sporty wardrobe which naturally makes it popular for gym attire.

atkinsdiagramDiet Trend

1992 was the birth of the Atkins no carb diet. He was around before then but after the release of the book “Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution” he became very popular.

tae-bo-ultimate-300 Workout Trends

Taebo was developed by taekwondo practitioner Billy Blanks. It was one of the first cardio-boxing programs to enjoy commercial success. The high intensity workout is intended to increase cardiovascular fitness, strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.

Boot camp classes became extremely popular at this time as well. The boot camp workout is intense and demands the most dedicated participant to produce results. It is designed for those that are not afraid of a challenge and can really push themselves physically.

Workout videos also became all the rave. People liked the idea of working out in the privacy of their own home. Cindy Crawford had a couple of videos in the 90’s with Radu Teordescu a personal fitness instructor. The “8 minute” video series was a serious money maker especially “8 minute abs” with the idea that 8 minutes a day will give the abs that are seen in video. Denise Austin, Paula Abdul, Suzanne Somers, Claudia Schiffer, and Elle Macpherson all used their status to help sell their very own workout tapes during the 90’s.

Even though quite a few trends made their way from the 80’s and lasted through the 90’s this was a very distinctive part of history in the fitness world with a lot of introduction of new products, workout equipment, and diet ideas. There were selling fitness dreams to consumers like they do now. The only way to achieve weight loss, if that is what you desire, is to make healthy choices on a regular basis combined the regular exercise.

Press Release: Full Blossom Magazine Releases Amazing 9th Issue with a Introduction of the “I AM A Full Blossom Beauty” Campaign.


NEW YORK, NY, June 6th, 2013 – FULL BLOSSOM Magazine releases issue 9 with Thailand Beauty “ Crystal Her” on the Cover. Crystal Her is a current student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, working towards her B.A. and is a Caregiver to her Grandmother, when she isn’t in school. This talented and sought after model has really been on top of her game. With all the opportunities coming her way at this time, modeling just may turn into her main job. Crystal really explains all about her hard work and the downside of being new to the industry, from not knowing who to trust, being to short for some opportunities and the stereotypes that goes along with the business. She mentions one of her biggest passions is doing hair and make up for fun. You can view the interview on pages 53-59

The exciting new issue continues on the inside with a highlight on Spring/Summer beach wear and Lingerie with designers Tennille McMillian, Monif C & Empress Lingerie. Wedding Season designs and a great piece on how to loose those pounds before the wedding, by Charity Lynette of Curvy Chick Fitness, is also a must read feature in this issue. The June Issue also introduces the “I Am A Full Blossom Beauty” Campaign with plus size industry known beauty Sensations “Nicole Flores”, “Andrea Jackson” & “Michele Hilton”. The young ladies all filmed commercials that can be accessed through clicking a link directly on the magazine page.

Full Blossom Magazine also announces the Grand Opening of its New Virtual Mall in this issue. The mall was the brainchild of CEO of the Magazine “Mellow Andrews”, who wanted to create a outlet for Ladies to shop online in one place instead of having to bounce from site to site, but to be able to still shop quality.

This issue has so many contributors in their own special way. FBM would like to thank Models- Techla Nesbitt, Nicole Taylor, Teisha Thomas. Model/Healthy Life Writer- Charity Lynette. Faces of FBM- Michele Hilton, Andrea Jackson, Nicole Flores. Financial Consultant/MUA/Stylist- Barbie Armstrong. Creative Vision- Jenna Ferris. MUA/Editor- Tasha Andrews. Writer/Designer- Maui Bigelow. Model- Morgan Whitney. Advertisers- Dear Curves, Real Size Brides, Elocin Plus, Chic and Curvy Boutique, Empress Lingerie, 100% Natural Hair Apparel. Special Salute to all new FBM Team members

Please view the current issue at http://www.fullblossommagazine.com

About FULL BLOSSOM Magazine:
In mainstream media, plus size women are portrayed in an unattractive light. Plus size women are viewed in extreme ways and are faced with many stereotypes. Full Blossom Magazine seeks to change that. We want to show the beauty, intelligence, worthiness, sensuousness, and help build the self image of the Plus size woman.

We strive to change the way you view the Plus Size Woman!

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