Successful New York City Entrepreneur Chandrica Clarke announces run for City Council

Entrepreneur and Producer hopes to be voice for the Queens community

QUEENS, NY— Chandrica N. Clarke, better known as DJ XXXotic Mami, has announced that she is collecting signatures to appear on the 2016 ballot for City Council District 29.

Clarke is the Chairman and CEO of Niccol Productions, a global entertainment business that included Xtreme 104FM Entertainment, Pivot Records, the Xtreme AllStar Awards, and more. She oversees talent management, television and film production, branding, and consumer product development, among other aspects of the business.

Among her company’s productions is “The Indictment,” a hit web series that examines the implications of police brutality on urban life. The show, which has seen over 100,000 views since launching in March, has been featured in national publication Hip Hop Weekly twice. The cast also visited Atlanta in August to promote the show, interviewing with numerous outlets, including B100 Radio,, The Rise & Grind Morning Show, Page Turner TV, Famous Radio, Impact Magazine and Kenya Kardashian’s Candy Shop Radio.

In addition to the web production, Clarke recently opened a state of the art radio station in Kings Plaza, Brooklyn that serves as home for Xtreme 104 FM. The facility includes the radio station, recording studio, game room, a photography and video studio with green screen and a lounge. Nestled under the Xtreme brand is New York City’s famous “Xtreme AllStar Awards” and “The Xtreme Freshman Tour”.

Outside of her numerous production and business responsibilities, Clarke also serves as the editor in chief for Hip Hop Tymes. Her business and philanthropic endeavors have been honored by numerous prestigious organizations, including PMG Gives Back and the American Red Cross.

Clarke’s plan to run for a seat on city council is the latest in her efforts to improve life in the community. After a difficult upbringing and early life that included time in prison, Clarke has turned her life around and become a successful entrepreneur. Her many business ventures employ members of the community, and she has used her influence to become a voice for the community.

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IndustryEventWire had the chance to interview Empowerment Coach/Speaker Nichole Bess, a born leader hailing from Baltimore, MD and mom of two.

Industryeventwire: Being from Baltimore what would you say to the people that would need a message of Empowerment right now, still dealing with the Baltimore Riots?

Nicole Bess: I would tell everyone to love each other, get closer. Hold on to one another. We know change may not come through causing disturbance in our communities. We must take the discussion to the right people and continue to seek proper channels of communication.

Industryeventwire: Can we discuss your transition into the Showroom and how you began working with people like super model Naomi Campbell, and entertainment moguls Russell and Kimora Lee Simons?

Nicole Bess: I began my career in fashion, in New York. While working as an intern for Russell and Kimora Lee Simons, during New York Fashion Week, I was introduced to super model Naomi Campbell. Shortly thereafter, I began working for Campbell’s PR firm, NC Connect. It was there I discovered my love for public relations and in 4 short months I opened my own firm. Although I studied Fashion Design and Marketing at the International Academy of Design, PR came to me so naturally.

Industryeventwire: Did you leave fashion altogether when you started PR?

Nicole Bess: I didn’t leave fashion, I became a Fashion Publicist, and a very good one. I was able to land some major placements for clients such as CNN, Ebony, 106 & Park, CBS and Cosmopolitan, just to name a few, but the one that really gave me that Aha Moment was seeing the placement in Italian Vogue. That’s a PR dream. LOL. Also while doing PR I never could shake the feeling of support for the Indie Designers, so I opened a showroom in Atlanta. I will never forget the feeling of putting on my first Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week and being able to use the designers that I worked closely with at my showroom.

Industryeventwire: Wow, that’s amazing. So we see that you are an Empowerment Coach as well. How did that come about?

Nicole Bess: Well although I had alot going on in my life I still felt “I was doing alot of filling but I wasn’t feeling fulfilled”. I still wanted to help others, Motivate, Give Back, Empower. I adopted the philosophy “You Better Own it”. I now have my signature talk and tour entitled “OWNit”- Set to sweep the nation starting tomorrow Thursday, September 3rd. This global tour will host a variety of women known for leadership, entrepreneurship, finding purpose and healing. My Goal is to provide a life-changing environment for women to engage in networking and being empowered. But Everyone is welcome, not just the ladies. Fellows you can learn from this amazing tour. You too can heal where it hurts because the reward from your persistence is greater than what you have from letting your past keep you still and silent. We want everyones life to create a picture that inspires everyone else but most importantly, we want your life to create a picture you love no matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done, or what’s been done to you.

To Learn more visit the website: Own It Tour

Industryeventwire: Well Thank you Ms. Bess and is there anything else you want them to know, maybe what’s next or your social media?

Nicole Bess: Yes, I am scheduled to release my first gift-sized book Christmas of 2015 entitled, “Remember When”. Please look out for that. Also, you can find me throughout social media @nicolembess

Industryeventwire: Great, Thank you again and we would like to thank Areina Plowden for setting this up for us. Have a wonderful tour and we will be watching.

To reach Ms. Nicole M. Bess please contact: Areina Plowden, Public Relations Specialist @ The Sheridan Group LLC Email: