Losing The Holiday Pounds by Celebrity Fitness Trainer Charity Lynette of Curvy Chick Fitness


This time of year always brings on the extra pounds. There are holiday parties, work parties, and not to mention the infamous leftovers from Thanksgiving and Christmas. We tend to let ourselves go for the months of November and December then be like “on January 1st I’m getting back on track!” I know because one I’ve said it and done it, two I’ve worked in fitness quite some time and gym sales are through the roof the end of December through the end of January. Please know that you are not alone and this fit curvy chick is going to guide you though holiday eating and helpful quick workouts that will at least not let you gain but maintain your weight during these cold winter days.

Eat before you get there

To help with over eating, eat before you get there. If your leaving from home this will work better. Have a small or snack packed with protein so that you will feel fuller longer. That way when you get to the party you won’t feel the need to make a full plate because you are so hungry from not eating since lunch time. Try vegetables with a hummus dip, apples and peanut butter, or nuts. Something so that when you get to the party you don’t feel like your stomach is going to eat itself. You could even go as far as making chicken or fish with a veggie if time permits.

Use a small plate and cover it with food

If you weren’t able to eat before then here is a way to not fill up on the wrong foods. Some times when you got to a party there are different size plates that are used for appetizers or dessert. Use that plate for your “meal”. Cover half the plate with colorful assortment of vegetables, fruit , or salad. A quarter of your plate with protein turkey, ham, or chicken. Then the other quarter with starches. Eat the veggie and fruit side first so that when you get to the other half you are slowing down because your getting full and even though those starches taste extremely good by the time you finish you will be full and not able to get seconds.

Green Tea is your friend

The benefits of green tea are amazing! One of the major ones is weight loss. Green Tea increases the metabloism. The Polyphenol found in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories. Drinking tea before a meal will also make you feel full as well lessening the amount of food you eat.

If you concentrate more on visiting with the guests then your not as liking to keep eating, especially if it is away from the food table. Socializing standing up is better than sitting down and talking. Try to find ways to keep moving so that your body is burning calories. If its a dancing holiday party then great bust a move! The dance floor is a great way to burn off some of those calories you just consumed.
Don’t underestimate walking
If you live in a area where public transportation is adequate get off a stop or two before your actual stop so that you can walk home.Make sure the area is safe or you walk with some one.  Wait at least 20 minutes after you have completed the meal because your body still has to digest the food and absorb the nutrition intake. Walking after dinner is a great two part step to weight loss. First it has all the benefits of a normal walk taken at anytime of the day and second it helps start digestion. If you live in a building with an elevator walk up or take the elevator half way. Even taking on the stairs at a slow pace is still benefiting you and getting that food digested.
Make sure to pack healthy snacks
Packing healthier snacks will lead to less over-eating and make you more aware of the bad foods. This is a busy time of the year and we tend to start our day without breakfast and skip meals because we are so busy. Pack snacks so that doesn’t happen and you don’t grab the bad snacks out of convenience. Easy things to put in a sandwich baggie nuts and dried fruit, peanut butter and crackers, and fresh fruits & vegetables.
Interactive TV/Computer time
While watching tv and spending time on computer take frequent breaks. During the commercials do squats, leg lifts, push ups, crunches etc. so that your not just sitting for long periods of time. Keep a pair of dumb bells under the couch so you can do bicep curls and arm raises. While watching t.v stretch. Stretching is a good stress and tension reliever. It also improves circulation, balance, coordination, and flexibility.
These are just a few tips to help you during the holidays. Don’t wait on the weight. You don’t need the first of the year to get the ball rolling, start now working out and eating healthy do take some effort and time. Think of adding days to your life with every healthy thing that you do. Find time in your schedule  to do these small things make it a family affair. Go on a family walk after dinner, have a play date with your kids outside doing something active or inside somewhere doing something active. Not only are you spending quality time with your family but your teaching them the value of taking care of themselves. If you already hit the gym or workout on a regular then continue to do so. If you know your going to be doing some holiday eating then adjust your workouts to make up for that. But the key is balance if your eat good 85 to 90 percent of the time then the two or three big meals won’t make you gain 10 lbs over the holiday season. Get your plate on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day heck even a second plate. But three days later don’t be eating Aunt Jackie’s baked macaroni and cheese still. When there are leftovers concentrate on taking the protein and veggies leave the starches for someone else to take home. If you hosted and there are tons of leftovers even after everyone has filled up their to go containers then take them to a shelter or go where there are homeless people and feed them. My younger brother is very concerned about feeding the homeless. Whenever we had major left overs he would heat them up and drive them straight downtown and give it to people that were literally sleeping under bridges. Remember the season is about giving not eating!
I hope that these tips find you in good health and if not then I hope they help get you there.
Charity Lynette of Curvy Chick Fitness
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