Losing The Holiday Pounds by Celebrity Fitness Trainer Charity Lynette of Curvy Chick Fitness


This time of year always brings on the extra pounds. There are holiday parties, work parties, and not to mention the infamous leftovers from Thanksgiving and Christmas. We tend to let ourselves go for the months of November and December then be like “on January 1st I’m getting back on track!” I know because one I’ve said it and done it, two I’ve worked in fitness quite some time and gym sales are through the roof the end of December through the end of January. Please know that you are not alone and this fit curvy chick is going to guide you though holiday eating and helpful quick workouts that will at least not let you gain but maintain your weight during these cold winter days.

Eat before you get there

To help with over eating, eat before you get there. If your leaving from home this will work better. Have a small or snack packed with protein so that you will feel fuller longer. That way when you get to the party you won’t feel the need to make a full plate because you are so hungry from not eating since lunch time. Try vegetables with a hummus dip, apples and peanut butter, or nuts. Something so that when you get to the party you don’t feel like your stomach is going to eat itself. You could even go as far as making chicken or fish with a veggie if time permits.

Use a small plate and cover it with food

If you weren’t able to eat before then here is a way to not fill up on the wrong foods. Some times when you got to a party there are different size plates that are used for appetizers or dessert. Use that plate for your “meal”. Cover half the plate with colorful assortment of vegetables, fruit , or salad. A quarter of your plate with protein turkey, ham, or chicken. Then the other quarter with starches. Eat the veggie and fruit side first so that when you get to the other half you are slowing down because your getting full and even though those starches taste extremely good by the time you finish you will be full and not able to get seconds.

Green Tea is your friend

The benefits of green tea are amazing! One of the major ones is weight loss. Green Tea increases the metabloism. The Polyphenol found in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories. Drinking tea before a meal will also make you feel full as well lessening the amount of food you eat.

If you concentrate more on visiting with the guests then your not as liking to keep eating, especially if it is away from the food table. Socializing standing up is better than sitting down and talking. Try to find ways to keep moving so that your body is burning calories. If its a dancing holiday party then great bust a move! The dance floor is a great way to burn off some of those calories you just consumed.
Don’t underestimate walking
If you live in a area where public transportation is adequate get off a stop or two before your actual stop so that you can walk home.Make sure the area is safe or you walk with some one.  Wait at least 20 minutes after you have completed the meal because your body still has to digest the food and absorb the nutrition intake. Walking after dinner is a great two part step to weight loss. First it has all the benefits of a normal walk taken at anytime of the day and second it helps start digestion. If you live in a building with an elevator walk up or take the elevator half way. Even taking on the stairs at a slow pace is still benefiting you and getting that food digested.
Make sure to pack healthy snacks
Packing healthier snacks will lead to less over-eating and make you more aware of the bad foods. This is a busy time of the year and we tend to start our day without breakfast and skip meals because we are so busy. Pack snacks so that doesn’t happen and you don’t grab the bad snacks out of convenience. Easy things to put in a sandwich baggie nuts and dried fruit, peanut butter and crackers, and fresh fruits & vegetables.
Interactive TV/Computer time
While watching tv and spending time on computer take frequent breaks. During the commercials do squats, leg lifts, push ups, crunches etc. so that your not just sitting for long periods of time. Keep a pair of dumb bells under the couch so you can do bicep curls and arm raises. While watching t.v stretch. Stretching is a good stress and tension reliever. It also improves circulation, balance, coordination, and flexibility.
These are just a few tips to help you during the holidays. Don’t wait on the weight. You don’t need the first of the year to get the ball rolling, start now working out and eating healthy do take some effort and time. Think of adding days to your life with every healthy thing that you do. Find time in your schedule  to do these small things make it a family affair. Go on a family walk after dinner, have a play date with your kids outside doing something active or inside somewhere doing something active. Not only are you spending quality time with your family but your teaching them the value of taking care of themselves. If you already hit the gym or workout on a regular then continue to do so. If you know your going to be doing some holiday eating then adjust your workouts to make up for that. But the key is balance if your eat good 85 to 90 percent of the time then the two or three big meals won’t make you gain 10 lbs over the holiday season. Get your plate on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day heck even a second plate. But three days later don’t be eating Aunt Jackie’s baked macaroni and cheese still. When there are leftovers concentrate on taking the protein and veggies leave the starches for someone else to take home. If you hosted and there are tons of leftovers even after everyone has filled up their to go containers then take them to a shelter or go where there are homeless people and feed them. My younger brother is very concerned about feeding the homeless. Whenever we had major left overs he would heat them up and drive them straight downtown and give it to people that were literally sleeping under bridges. Remember the season is about giving not eating!
I hope that these tips find you in good health and if not then I hope they help get you there.
Charity Lynette of Curvy Chick Fitness
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Mrs. Laird is scheduled to speak at Berkeley College, Trenton Business Week, Black Women Trailblazers in Media and the Sports Industry Black & Latino Athlete gala in October 2015

Taneshia Nash Laird, a veteran community organizer and economic development specialist, is set to appear at several seminars and forums on women in business around New Jersey during October 2015, sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise with ambitious, entrepreneurial women who are embarking on the road to success. Ms. Laird brings her decades of experience as a dynamic leader in public and private-sector community revitalization and strategic communications to the fore, enlightening and educating businesswomen from a wide range of professions and industries. As the CEO of Legacy Business Advisors, a strategic think tank that guides government agencies and social entrepreneurs alike, in communications strategies, business development, and economic development, Ms. Laird and her associates take an active role in the financial health of the community. She also works hard to promote Newark’s physical health, taking a major role in building the Dunbar Center for Kidney Dialysis, a $20 million facility which will address the critical need for a 24/7 nephrology and hemodialysis clinic, and create 175 new Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics (STEM) jobs for the city.

Ms. Lairdis a co-owner of My Image Studios (MIST) Harlem in New York City, a multimillion-dollar entertainment complex, and co-wrote the critically-acclaimed anthropological volume,Still I Rise: A Graphic History Of African-Americans. In 2014, she was tapped to serve as Regional Director for the US Women’s Chamber Of Commerce, and is active on the boards of numerous cultural groups, including Art Pride of New Jersey Foundation, Advocates for New Jersey History, and the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Authority. Rounding out Ms. Laird’s portfolio are her works as a Business Advisory Council member to Felician College, and as a Senior fellow with the Eastern Regional Network of the Environmental Leadership Program.

Ms. Laird is pleased to appear as a featured guest at a variety of professional events in the coming weeks, beginning with Newark’s Berkeley College at 536 Broad street on the third floor, from 8:30-10:30 AM on October 20, where she will participate in a panel talk on Women Entrepreneurs: Driving innovation through Diversity, as part of Women’s Entrepreneurship Week. Then, it’s off to New Jersey’s capital city for Trenton Business Week, where she will moderate a panel about Women Business Owners Impacting The Economic Landscape, that same afternoon from 2 to 4 PM, in Salon C of the Wyndham Garden Trenton Hotel, located at 1 West Lafayette Street in Trenton.

On October 21, Ms. Laird visits the Big Apple for an evening conference addressing the challenges faced by Black and Latino athletes in mainstream American sports culture. The discussion will enter around fostering better business relationships for and with Black and Latino professional athletes. It begins at 7 PM, in Lower Manhattan’s Katra Restaurant, located at 217 Bowery, in partnership with the Metropolitan Black Bar Association, NY Association of Black Journalists, the National Society of Black Engineers, Dominican Bar Association, and the Puerto Rican Bar Association. Ms. Laird then returns to Newark on October 23, as OMG! Photography presents the second annual Black Women Trailblazers In Media fundraising gala, from 6 to 10 PM at 50 Brandford Place. This fabulous event will include a networking cocktail hour, celebrity panel, award ceremony, and a special Q & A session.

Opportunities abound to avail yourself of Ms. Laird’s experience, wisdom and business acumen at any or all of these gatherings. For media inquiries or booking requests, please contact Ernest Jackson of MNS Media Group at mnsmedia@gmail.com


Successful New York City Entrepreneur Chandrica Clarke announces run for City Council

Entrepreneur and Producer hopes to be voice for the Queens community

QUEENS, NY— Chandrica N. Clarke, better known as DJ XXXotic Mami, has announced that she is collecting signatures to appear on the 2016 ballot for City Council District 29.

Clarke is the Chairman and CEO of Niccol Productions, a global entertainment business that included Xtreme 104FM Entertainment, Pivot Records, the Xtreme AllStar Awards, and more. She oversees talent management, television and film production, branding, and consumer product development, among other aspects of the business.

Among her company’s productions is “The Indictment,” a hit web series that examines the implications of police brutality on urban life. The show, which has seen over 100,000 views since launching in March, has been featured in national publication Hip Hop Weekly twice. The cast also visited Atlanta in August to promote the show, interviewing with numerous outlets, including B100 Radio, Bossip.com, The Rise & Grind Morning Show, Page Turner TV, Famous Radio, Impact Magazine and Kenya Kardashian’s Candy Shop Radio.

In addition to the web production, Clarke recently opened a state of the art radio station in Kings Plaza, Brooklyn that serves as home for Xtreme 104 FM. The facility includes the radio station, recording studio, game room, a photography and video studio with green screen and a lounge. Nestled under the Xtreme brand is New York City’s famous “Xtreme AllStar Awards” and “The Xtreme Freshman Tour”.

Outside of her numerous production and business responsibilities, Clarke also serves as the editor in chief for Hip Hop Tymes. Her business and philanthropic endeavors have been honored by numerous prestigious organizations, including PMG Gives Back and the American Red Cross.

Clarke’s plan to run for a seat on city council is the latest in her efforts to improve life in the community. After a difficult upbringing and early life that included time in prison, Clarke has turned her life around and become a successful entrepreneur. Her many business ventures employ members of the community, and she has used her influence to become a voice for the community.

For more information about Clarke, Niccol Productions, or Clarke’s run for city council, contact
MNS Media Group
Ernest Jackson
E: mnsmedia@gmail.com
P: 717-472-5346



Celebrity Fitness Instructor Charity Lynette, whose amazing workout and diet programs have been featured on national TV, radio, and in major magazines such as NY Daily News, Black Enterprise, First For Women, Bustle.com, eHow.com, Hip Hop Weekly (7x), Centric TV and more, has personally shed an astonishing 110 pounds using her brand’s specially developed weight-loss techniques and fitness principles. After losing her mother due to illnesses brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle, and Charity weighing 305 pounds at the time, Ms. Lynette decided to make a change, and set out to slim down. “I lost about 30 lbs just doing cardio. But I wasn’t satisfied with the results,” Ms. Lynette recalls, “so then I started in with the weight training, and concentrated more on eating clean, and I was able to take off another 40 lbs which I gained back. It wasn’t until I started running, that I was able to get off the last 35. I now maintain my current weight with a balance of weight training, running, and dancing.” Following this regimen, Ms. Lynette was able to slim down to a shapely 180 pounds! The beginning of Curvy Chick Fitness started two years ago, which quickly grew to include a stylish new clothing line deal, with garments tailored to accentuate natural shapes, and recently added a special Running Club that takes fitness to the streets of Brooklyn, NY. Ms. Lynette says her workouts and diet training benefit all women. “We all have different body types but as long as we are eating right and exercising, the body will take it’s course. All women have curves,” she emphasizes, “but it’s healthy curves we want to keep in mind.”

These exercises are the core of the Curvy Chick Fitness Program, which has toured all over the nation with great success. As a fitness instructor to the stars, Ms. Lynette has helped many notables of stage and screen to acquire and maintain a fit, toned look that lets them keep up with their demanding celebrity lifestyle. Curvy Chick Fitness also works with everyday people who want to improve their looks and health, with a 45-minute class that’s designed for everyone. Participants are also coached on healthy eating, with food and nutrition Q & A sessions, and tips on meal planning, so once the weight comes off, it stays off.

Ms. Lynette also recognizes the importance of a healthy workforce, and Curvy Chick Fitness Office Workouts fit the bill to let workers know their employers care about their well-being. The benefits of on-the-job fitness are clear: reduced absenteeism and turnover, greater productivity, improved morale, and lower healthcare costs, all make businesses more competitive and profitable. Curvy Chick Fitness offers two types of workplace programs: a 45-minute cardio/dance workout, or a boot-camp style regimen, oriented towards male employees. It’s all part of the total commitment to wellness that is a hallmark of Ms. Lynette’s growing brand. “At the end of the day it’s about balance, consistency, and treating your body like it’s the only one you got,” Ms. Lynette observes. Looking to change your life? Visit Curvy Chick Fitness online at http://www.curvychickfitness.com, or contact Charity Lynette today at curvychickfitness@gmail.com, to arrange your personal workout, or a group session, and watch those pounds melt away!

For interviews and media inquiries, contact Ernest Jackson of MNS Media Group at mnsmedia@gmail.com.




IndustryEventWire had the chance to interview Empowerment Coach/Speaker Nichole Bess, a born leader hailing from Baltimore, MD and mom of two.

Industryeventwire: Being from Baltimore what would you say to the people that would need a message of Empowerment right now, still dealing with the Baltimore Riots?

Nicole Bess: I would tell everyone to love each other, get closer. Hold on to one another. We know change may not come through causing disturbance in our communities. We must take the discussion to the right people and continue to seek proper channels of communication.

Industryeventwire: Can we discuss your transition into the Showroom and how you began working with people like super model Naomi Campbell, and entertainment moguls Russell and Kimora Lee Simons?

Nicole Bess: I began my career in fashion, in New York. While working as an intern for Russell and Kimora Lee Simons, during New York Fashion Week, I was introduced to super model Naomi Campbell. Shortly thereafter, I began working for Campbell’s PR firm, NC Connect. It was there I discovered my love for public relations and in 4 short months I opened my own firm. Although I studied Fashion Design and Marketing at the International Academy of Design, PR came to me so naturally.

Industryeventwire: Did you leave fashion altogether when you started PR?

Nicole Bess: I didn’t leave fashion, I became a Fashion Publicist, and a very good one. I was able to land some major placements for clients such as CNN, Ebony, 106 & Park, CBS and Cosmopolitan, just to name a few, but the one that really gave me that Aha Moment was seeing the placement in Italian Vogue. That’s a PR dream. LOL. Also while doing PR I never could shake the feeling of support for the Indie Designers, so I opened a showroom in Atlanta. I will never forget the feeling of putting on my first Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week and being able to use the designers that I worked closely with at my showroom.

Industryeventwire: Wow, that’s amazing. So we see that you are an Empowerment Coach as well. How did that come about?

Nicole Bess: Well although I had alot going on in my life I still felt “I was doing alot of filling but I wasn’t feeling fulfilled”. I still wanted to help others, Motivate, Give Back, Empower. I adopted the philosophy “You Better Own it”. I now have my signature talk and tour entitled “OWNit”- Set to sweep the nation starting tomorrow Thursday, September 3rd. This global tour will host a variety of women known for leadership, entrepreneurship, finding purpose and healing. My Goal is to provide a life-changing environment for women to engage in networking and being empowered. But Everyone is welcome, not just the ladies. Fellows you can learn from this amazing tour. You too can heal where it hurts because the reward from your persistence is greater than what you have from letting your past keep you still and silent. We want everyones life to create a picture that inspires everyone else but most importantly, we want your life to create a picture you love no matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done, or what’s been done to you.

To Learn more visit the website: Own It Tour

Industryeventwire: Well Thank you Ms. Bess and is there anything else you want them to know, maybe what’s next or your social media?

Nicole Bess: Yes, I am scheduled to release my first gift-sized book Christmas of 2015 entitled, “Remember When”. Please look out for that. Also, you can find me throughout social media @nicolembess

Industryeventwire: Great, Thank you again and we would like to thank Areina Plowden for setting this up for us. Have a wonderful tour and we will be watching.

To reach Ms. Nicole M. Bess please contact: Areina Plowden, Public Relations Specialist @ The Sheridan Group LLC Email: areina@thesheridangrouppr.com


Cast of The Indictment NYC Meet & Greet Featured in the current issue of Hip Hop Weekly

The cast and producers of the online breakout hit series, The Indictment, currently featured in Hip Hop Weekly, made a multimedia tour in Virginia and Atlanta over the past weekend, doing magazine, radio and TV interviews, and appearing at special events and exclusive parties, as part of the show’s ongoing publicity campaign. The new series, presented by Niccol Productions, is an intense crime drama starring DJ XXXotic Mami aka Niccol, Brownie Babii aka Brownie, Ms. Bizness aka Biz, Tru aka Andre (Mack Dre), DJ Digga aka Digga aka Attny Harris, Freckles aka Freckles,Pook Ta Life aka Pook, LQ The King aka Q, Nay Nillz aka Nay, Cann Cann aka Cann Cann, Danny aka Diva, Michele Lawson aka Mama and Logan R & B as Logan, which tells the story of how incarceration affects one family’s lives. “I wanted to tell a story,” says DJ XXXotic Mami, the program’s creator and Executive Producer, “not just any story, but one that creates a change. It’s time to look at the revolving door of prison sentences and recidivism.”

The cast hit the road August 20, leaving NYC for their first stop in Hampton, Va., where they were interviewed by Page turner TV, Famous Radio, and Size Overrated Magazine. Although severe thunderstorms in the DMV area delayed their arrival, each of these media outlets were thrilled the cast still made it in, and all of them enjoyed outstanding interviews with The Indictment team. As the skies cleared the following morning, the cast rode straight on into Atlanta, Ga., going directly from the road to the studios of Love And Hip Hop star Debra Antney’s B100 radio station. There, they joined hosts Ms. Famous, Ms. Niko, and DJ Waffles on the Rise & Grind Morning Show, to get the word out on the airwaves. While at the station, they also met with Ms. Antney to talk about The Indictment and some fantastic opportunities for the future. That afternoon, it was time for more interviews, with Stacks Magazine, The Shar Bates Show, Young Hollywood Live and Swagher Magazine. With media interest keen for more tidbits about this groundbreaking show, the cast then prepared for the next day’s activities.

Saturday saw the cast sponsoring the Breaking The Chains Teen Summit Event, held by the Shar Bates Show, where they presented gifts to the attendees on behalf of Shar Bates, and were interviewed by NBC/11 Alive. This “All Lives Mattering” event was an open forum that let local teens participate in discussions on social issues of the day. After the Summit, the cast stopped in to be interviewed by Entertainment Magazine. On Sunday, Executive Producer DJ XXXotic Mami (Niccol), sat down with Impact Magazine for a candid, one-on-one interview, then later the cast attended a private birthday reception for radio personality Kenya Kardashian, and spoke with several TV networks about The Indictment. The show’s first season continues to draw new fans, and the cast was well-received at every venue in which they appeared.

The whirlwind tour concluded on Monday, as DJ XXXotic Mami gave Bossip and Kenya Kardashian’s Candy Shop radio show the latest developments on The Indictment. The tour was arranged by Ernest Jackson of MNS Media Group, the official publicist for The Indictment with assistance from Areina Plowden of The Sheridan Group & Diamond Kesawn Cooper.

Interview with B100 Radio

b100 interview

Love And Hip Hop star Debra Antney’s B100 radio station Interview

Interview with NBC/11Alive

Interview with Stacks Magazine

Interested media agencies and outlets can reach Ernest Jackson at mnsmedia@gmail.com, for interview requests and bookings.

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The Indictment (Official Trailer)