Cast of The Indictment NYC Meet & Greet Featured in the current issue of Hip Hop Weekly

The cast and producers of the online breakout hit series, The Indictment, currently featured in Hip Hop Weekly, made a multimedia tour in Virginia and Atlanta over the past weekend, doing magazine, radio and TV interviews, and appearing at special events and exclusive parties, as part of the show’s ongoing publicity campaign. The new series, presented by Niccol Productions, is an intense crime drama starring DJ XXXotic Mami aka Niccol, Brownie Babii aka Brownie, Ms. Bizness aka Biz, Tru aka Andre (Mack Dre), DJ Digga aka Digga aka Attny Harris, Freckles aka Freckles,Pook Ta Life aka Pook, LQ The King aka Q, Nay Nillz aka Nay, Cann Cann aka Cann Cann, Danny aka Diva, Michele Lawson aka Mama and Logan R & B as Logan, which tells the story of how incarceration affects one family’s lives. “I wanted to tell a story,” says DJ XXXotic Mami, the program’s creator and Executive Producer, “not just any story, but one that creates a change. It’s time to look at the revolving door of prison sentences and recidivism.”

The cast hit the road August 20, leaving NYC for their first stop in Hampton, Va., where they were interviewed by Page turner TV, Famous Radio, and Size Overrated Magazine. Although severe thunderstorms in the DMV area delayed their arrival, each of these media outlets were thrilled the cast still made it in, and all of them enjoyed outstanding interviews with The Indictment team. As the skies cleared the following morning, the cast rode straight on into Atlanta, Ga., going directly from the road to the studios of Love And Hip Hop star Debra Antney’s B100 radio station. There, they joined hosts Ms. Famous, Ms. Niko, and DJ Waffles on the Rise & Grind Morning Show, to get the word out on the airwaves. While at the station, they also met with Ms. Antney to talk about The Indictment and some fantastic opportunities for the future. That afternoon, it was time for more interviews, with Stacks Magazine, The Shar Bates Show, Young Hollywood Live and Swagher Magazine. With media interest keen for more tidbits about this groundbreaking show, the cast then prepared for the next day’s activities.

Saturday saw the cast sponsoring the Breaking The Chains Teen Summit Event, held by the Shar Bates Show, where they presented gifts to the attendees on behalf of Shar Bates, and were interviewed by NBC/11 Alive. This “All Lives Mattering” event was an open forum that let local teens participate in discussions on social issues of the day. After the Summit, the cast stopped in to be interviewed by Entertainment Magazine. On Sunday, Executive Producer DJ XXXotic Mami (Niccol), sat down with Impact Magazine for a candid, one-on-one interview, then later the cast attended a private birthday reception for radio personality Kenya Kardashian, and spoke with several TV networks about The Indictment. The show’s first season continues to draw new fans, and the cast was well-received at every venue in which they appeared.

The whirlwind tour concluded on Monday, as DJ XXXotic Mami gave Bossip and Kenya Kardashian’s Candy Shop radio show the latest developments on The Indictment. The tour was arranged by Ernest Jackson of MNS Media Group, the official publicist for The Indictment with assistance from Areina Plowden of The Sheridan Group & Diamond Kesawn Cooper.

Interview with B100 Radio

b100 interview

Love And Hip Hop star Debra Antney’s B100 radio station Interview

Interview with NBC/11Alive

Interview with Stacks Magazine

Interested media agencies and outlets can reach Ernest Jackson at, for interview requests and bookings.

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The Indictment (Official Trailer)

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