8 Yr. Old Boxer/Actor Antwoine “Mr. Man” Dorm Jr shows his skills at the Guns Down Life Up NYC Tour

Written by Nathan James
IMG_6720 (640x427)The recent kickoff of the annual Guns Down, Life Up anti-violence concert campaign in New York City, saw a special addition to the roster of notables on hand to support this worthwhile cause. Antwoine ‘Mr. Man’ Dorm, Jr., the 8-year old actor and boxing phenomenon, joined with popular hip-hop recording artist Fred The Godson, fabulous Celebrity Fitness Instructor Charity Lynette of trendsetter Curvy Chick Fitness, acclaimed BET writer/producer Samson Styles, The Source Magazine’s Erica Ford, thisis50.com, DJ Kev White, plus hip-hop sensations Grafh and Citty Boii.

The meet and greet, held at the 125th Street Dr. Jay’s store opposite the renowned Apollo Theater in Harlem, featured music from DJ Robe Rob, and an impressive boxing demonstration by young ‘Mr. Man’, whose father and trainer, Antwoine Dorm, Sr., owns the non-profit Stick & Move Boxing, Inc. Based in York, Pa., the group’s motto is “You Can’t Pull A Trigger With Boxing Gloves On”. The organization was invited to join the Guns Down, Life Up concert tour, with an eye towards bringing the campaign back home to York, where 3 youths have died by gun violence in recent days. At the gala launch event, attended by spoken-word artists, local activists, celebrities, and other special guests, official Guns Down, Life Up T-shirts and hoodies were sold to raise funds to help support the movement.

The Guns Down, Life Up Project, which will receive a portion of the concert funds, is also supported by the Fund For HHC (Health and Hospitals Corporation, the agency that operates New York City’s municipal hospitals). The movement has partnered with the Dr. Jay’s urban apparel chain for a series of concerts running from November 2013 to 2014, at their retail locations all over the city, and in Newark, NJ. Tour dates were to be announced on the retailer’s website in the coming weeks.

Through violence interruption programs and youth development activities, Guns Down, Life Up seeks to offer young people positive activities to prevent them from being drawn into a culture of gun violence. The campaign will work with HHC’s Harlem Hospital Center and Kings County Hospital, community-based organizations, local leaders and other interested groups, to curb the incidence of gun violence in central Brooklyn and Harlem.

‘Mr. Man’, who has been giving the boxing ring attitude and speed like his idol, Floyd Mayweather, since age 5, is dedicated to the Guns Down, Life Up campaign, in addition to working on upcoming film and music video projects. He’s also looking to do TV commercials and other appearances in the near future, and as a talented boxer and actor, Antwoine ‘Mr. Man’ Dorm, Jr. will soon dominate the entertainment world.

Hip Hop Artist “Grafh” & Mr. Man:
IMG_6695 (1280x853)

Celebrity Fitness Instructor Charity Lynette of Curvy Chick Fitness & Mr. Man:

Hip Hop Artist Fred The Godson & Mr. Man:
IMG_6720 (640x427)

Sponsor and Reps of Guns Down Life Up Campaign:
IMG_6654 (1280x853)

Mr. Man has been boxing since he was two years old. He is built for the Sport and destined to be a Champion.

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