Jackie ChristieJackie Christie; author and star of the hit VH1 series “Basketball Wives: LA” is gearing up to release her 6th book appropriately titled ” Sexual Relations: A His & Hers Guide to Greater Intimacy.” The book features helpful advice on gaining intimacy in your relationship, while answering important questions on how to attain better communication, understanding and fulfillment from your partner. The book will also offer seductive tips, creative ideas

for the bedroom and more. Sexual Relations covers a variety of topics that range from dating to being an expert at oral sex and everything in between! The go-to-guide is geared toward men and women looking to introduce excitement into their lives and relationships. In addition to step-by-step guides, Sexual Relations will also feature candid and revealing sexual antidotes from some of entertainment’s most buzz worthy talents. This sexually charged, highly anticipated release will definitely be spicing things up this Fall.


” …his eyes glazed over as he looked at me intently not speaking a word with his mouth, although I knew what he was thinking. He wanted me as much as I wanted him! He needed so badly to taste my essence, while feeling my hot breath in his ear…begging him to take me…all of me.”

Jackie isn’t the only person opening up and inviting readers into her bedroom, check out some more revealing teasers below:

Renee Graziano (VH1’s Mob Wives):

” I’m old school…so treating a man like a king is what I do! Yes! I love sex and I’m damn good at it!”

Joe Smith (NBA Player):

“One night I was in our home recording studio working on music and she’d gone out with a friend. I had just finished laying my verse when in walk my girlfriend Kyss and her friend butt naked, in my head my jaw was on the floor but I maintained an outwardly cool appearance. Kyss said to me with a sly grin are you going to give our guest a proper greeting? Insisting I kiss her…”

Leslie Birkland (Style Network’s Big Rich Texas):

“There is nothing more alluring and animal-like and sexually visceral than a man who makes me feel completely safe and protected. A man who will go to the ends of the earth to protect me, body, mind and spirit, and also protects my honor, makes himself utterly irresistible.”

Sexual Relations: A His & Hers Guide To Greater Intimacy will be available in all book stores November 25th 2013. For more information, please visit

For Media inquiries please contact Ernest Jackson at

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