Event Recap: Beekay Entertainment “Turnt Up” with a Heavy Hitting Release Party and Powerhouse Performance.


On Sunday June 30th at Free Candy in Brooklyn, NY the crowd was treated to a high energy performance by the Canarsie, Brooklyn based team Beekay Entertainment. From the time you meet artist Statz, Remedy, Cife-Man & Mackalevin the energy was high. They know that this rap music is their life and they welcome you into the Beekay Circle. Before they started to perform they met with media in the green room and talked about the team and how much projects they plan on working. They want everyone to know from Music, to film to business ventures, Beekay is about their business. The team has several leaders and several of them are performers as well, they stated when you work with them they are focused and willing to work with anyone that is about their business.

As the performance started it was obvious that they had true fans in the crowd. As they came out to perform each of them came out to screams of their name and applause. Cameras was flashing everywhere.

First Statz came out and the crowd sang with him. His energy was like he has been on stage forever. Working up a sweat but not missing a beat he continued on. Calling up team members seem to be the energy that they needed to continue through a exhausting performance. Next was Cife-Man one of the leaders of the team and a high energy performer. He left it all on the stage and the crowd couldn’t get enough. Just when you might have been ready to “Turn Down” hitting the stage was Remedy with a energy that you may have not been ready for. Smoke filled the stage and he just went in from the word go. The crowd loved it. Ending the show was the crowd pleaser and you can tell ladies man of the group “Mackalevin”. You can see why they save him for last. Someone has to make sure the crowd is still ready to party. These gentlemen left it all on sage and really showed why Beekay, is a force in the rap game.

Most artist would leave after performance but these artist stuck around and took pictures with fans and signed autographs. All in all you want to make sure and keep checking for these talented young men.


If you would like to enjoy the performance like we did here is a look into a great evening of music:

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