Concept Group NYC Releases online Trailer for “Spades After Dark” the Series


Spades is about to be the next big card game played in the home, bars, club and national TV networks all spearheaded by the hit series “Spades After Dark” airing this Fall on Funhouse TV which is a station on The Dish Network

For Immediate Release:

Executive Producers Concept Group NYC and Producers Keith White/Durvel Wilson unveil the official teaser for the live action card game “Spades After Dark” The Series.

Spades After Dark is the next big thing in television card games. Poker television programs have been extremely popular in the last eight-ten years, especially in North America and Europe. This has especially become the case since the invention of the “pocket cam” in 1997 (and its first use in the United States in 2002), which allows viewers at home to see each player’s hole cards. Now Poker has become a sensation in homes, bars and pubs all across the world.

Spades After Dark will start off as a Bi-Monthly Webisode where people will be able to log onto their computer and go straight to and watch our show. Watching Spades After Dark you can expect to see trash talking, arguments, teamwork, celebrity spades players and some interesting celebrity pop ups. The show is hosted by TV Personality Doice John & Celebrity Model/Actress Charity Lynette. The show is non traditional and so are the host. They gel on camera and keep the funny coming.

More about Spades After Dark:
We pick two celebrities or entertaining spades players and the partner of their choice. As they play the “pocket Cam” will film over their shoulders for the viewing audience. Filming of comments and trash talking from contestants will be a big part of what will keep you laughing while enjoying the show.

During the show there will be a live performance by a comedian or artist. Also to add to the fun time, the viewer will be able to tape their own game and send it to us to air in a section on the show called “Home of the Spades”. By sending us your video we may invite you to the “Spades After Dark studio to be on our next episode. So get those videos taped and sent to us today…

Celebrity Publicist/Executive Producer Ernest Jackson says “The Poker sensation had its time and is dwindling. It is time to bring another entertaining card game to the television screens. We believe that “Spades After Dark”, will be the perfect replacement. Networks like BET, VH1, BRAVO Network, TV One, Better Black Television and a host of other networks would be interested in this idea. In no time we will see a flood of networks emulating what they see on our program.

The Spades After Dark website won’t launch until the first show airs, however with the release of the video teaser we know you will look forward to the first episode the 2nd week of August 2013. Please view the teaser at:

To send your video submission in, please email us at
To request your celebrity client be on the show which tapes in NYC please email us @

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