Celebrity Fitness Instructor Charity Lynette Presents “Healthy Now or Healthcare Later” Campaign for Employers


Celebrity Fitness Instructor Charity Lynette is known for her work in the community as well as with Celebrities, but through her volunteer exercise projects in the NYC Hospitals she has really understood the need for Health & Fitness in the Workplace. If there is health issues with employees in the place you go to be healthy, she realizes that there is a greater need in the Office and other workplace environment. It seems as if people are too busy or just too plain tired to work out after you get home from the office.

More and more businesses are building fitness opportunities into the workplace as a way to help employees stay fit and healthy. To have healthcare is the law of the land right now, but Charity Lynette’s hope is that her “Healthy Now or Healthcare Later” project will, decrease the amount of out of pocket co pays to the employee and continues bills to the employer.

According to the 2000 Benefits Survey produced by the Society for Human Resource Management in Alexandria, Virginia, 24% of the 606 companies that responded to the survey provide a fitness center or gym subsidy to employees, and 19% actually have an on-site fitness center.

While having a gym on-site would be great Charity Lynette knows that’s not realistic in every situation so she has tailored her workout to exercise routines that includes a 5-minute warm-up and then a circuit of several stations, each of which focuses on an Cardio & Strength training without the weights. Simply having a empty room to exercise during lunch can be a real bonus especially for women with children, who may find it difficult to exercise before or after work.

Currently Charity Lynette works out of a gym in the Bronx, NY and does classes in every borough when she isn’t traveling out of state. She also does personal fitness classes with Bravo TV Star of Millionaire Matchmaker “Robin Kassner”. She spends the remaining time counseling women and teaching them fitness techniques at Health Fairs and community programs.

Charity Lynette is the Ultimate Plus Size Fitness Instructor that has build a big buzz on the Internet. When you google her she is everywhere and her passion for her job just shines through in her articles, which can be seen in Full Blossom and Skorch Magazine as well as several other blog sites. She believes that the ladies really take to her because she understands that everyone doesn’t have the same body type but you can still be healthy while being a real size women.

To set up a low cost workout for your office or employees please feel free to reach out to Charity Lynette directly at charitylynettepromo@gmail.com


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