Celebrity Fitness Instructor Charity Lynette Secures Modeling segment on the popular site eHow.com

Charity Lynette

CEO, Celebrity Fitness Instructor and Model, Charity Lynette has been making notable moves in the Curvy Fitness and Entertainment world recently. After becoming personal Fitness Instructor to Bravo TV’s Millionaire Matchmaker star “Robin Kassner, as well as past one-on-one sessions with Celebrity Publicist Marie Driven and Elizabeth Ann from Vh1’s “Tough Love”, Charity Lynette now officially introduces herself into the world of Plus Size Modeling. Charity Lynette has walked several Runways and worked with several photographers, but the opportunity to do a Model segment for Ose Ogbemudia on eHow.com, was just a unexpected boost for her career.

Ose Ogbemudia is a regular to eHow.com Style, this segment discussed “Fashions for Everyone”. In the videos Charity was selected for, they discussed “Examples of Urban Chic Clothing”, “Clothing for All Figure Types”, “Tops To Wear in Vegas”, “How to Combine Clothes in a Chic Way” and “What Color Dress Is Appropriate for New Year’s”. The feature received close to 400,000 Likes through the Facebook Link.

This isn’t Charity Lynette’s first Online Viral video success. In February 2013, she was involved in The Last Exorcism 2 (Movie) Prank in the beauty shop. The video was seen all over the world and received almost 450,000 views on YouTube.

“Adding on to the success of Charity Lynette’s Fitness career she is opening up doors to be among the top television & big screen stars of today. Charity says “Whether it is in Fitness, Modeling or Acting, I enjoy doing it on screen and I am looking forward to continuing to branch out in that direction.

Charity Lynette is also an accomplished writer, known for such health & fitness articles as “Congratulations Your Engaged-Now Lets Work It Out”, “Loosing the Holiday Pounds” and The “Reality” of Working Out”. Her writing has been picked up by magazines, newspapers and a number of Blog Sites, which made her a very happy syndicated writer.

To take a look at these great video pieces please click link below:

Fashions for Everyone

The Last Exorcism 2 Prank in beauty shop

About Curvy Chick Fitness & Charity Lynette:

Charity Lynette is a Celebrity Fitness Instructor and works closely with the Plus Size Celebrity Scene. As a former Basketball Player and Coach Charity understands the issues of Obesity in this country are an epidemic. As a nation, we are consuming more calories than ever before, and in the past 20 years our obesity levels are the highest we’ve ever seen them, says Charity. As a consequence of this, there has been a staggering increase in incidents of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Charity recently started a Healthy Hospitals project called ”Obesity Lets Work It Out”. She goes into city Hospitals and works out with staff and the community to teach simple but affective eating habits and workouts. This is a free program and she plans to take it nationwide.

As a Plus Size model also, Charity Lynette knows that the modeling industry is said to be feeding into unhealthy eating habits and she wants to assist in changing that perception. In addition to the actual workout Curvy Chick Fitness will incorporate nutritious information into the workout package, assist with fashion tips for their transforming bodies and have a community for woman to be a part of that helps them with their goals, questions, frustrations, etc

Charity Lynette is the current Healthy Curves Editor at Skorch Magazine and has contributed articles for Cherryontop.com, Geechee One Magazine, Reinchild.com, Ideal Magazine in the UK and Vizage Magazine on Health & Fitness and many more.

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