Article Submission: Wedding Day is Coming, Time to Shape Up (Fitness)


Congratulation Your Engaged, Now Lets Work It Out

written by Charity Lynette of Curvy Chick Fitness

So your boo boo, shuga wuga, honey pie, love of your life has popped the question. After the initial shock and excitement dies down a million and one thoughts start to run through your mind. ‘Do we want a spring or fall wedding? Where will it be? Will all of my family travel? Who are my bridesmaids? What colors do I want to work with? What style of dress do I want my bridesmaids in? Dress? My dress …what kind of dress do I want to wear?’ The moment you think of your dress whether you know the style you want or never have thought about it you immediately picture yourself in a dress. Then one of 2 things happen. One, you immediately get excited at the thought of being able to wear your dream dress that you have had picked out since you were 17 or two you hands gravitate to your mid-section and grimace at the thought of squeezing into a wedding dress. Whether this is your thought process or not most brides to be make the declaration to be some what smaller than what they currently are. My goal is to outline a few things that can help make this process a little less intimidating.

Start off by making your fitness plan a priority with all of your other wedding plans. If it not apart of your routine you need to find a realistic time slot where it can go. You want to give yourself about 5 to 6 six months before the wedding day to have healthy results. Remember your not looking for a quick fix for a fitness plan you want to make sure that this is carried over into a lifestyle vs a crash diet just to fit in a dress. Incorporate this fitness plan in your budget if working out and nutrition are not your area of expertise then you are going to have to hire someone or pay for a class of some sort that is going to give you knowledge in this area. Treat this as an investment for your well being. Some people are paying $1500 for a photographer but think that $500 is too much for personal sessions. We spend so much money on material items such as cars, phones, the best designer clothes but then we want to be cheap when it comes to healthier food and gym memberships.

Workout classes are a great way to get you started plus it allows you to get together with girlfriends and the bridal party to discuss a few plans and a great stress reliever at such a hectic time. Also with your fiance! That can be great couple time. You could even purchase a group package from a personal trainer that you and the girls could go in on together if being in front of strangers is too intimidating. Getting together for group walks/jogs is another option. What ever route that you decide to go make sure you start two to three days a week. Get with the group once a week then the other two days do something different so that you don’t get bored with your routine. The moment you get bored switch it up. Eventually your going to want to incorporate strength training because that is going to burn fat faster. Experiment with different workouts do not do the same thing every time you work out that will only maintain your weight instead if help you lose and tone.

Now that we have the workout component naturally we have to talk about nutrition. The two go hand in hand. One with out the other can make the process longer than what it needs to be. Plus neither one has to be too strict if you find a good balance between the two. Here are some helpful nutrition tips that you want to start using along with your new fitness plan.

-Drink plenty of water everyday this will help with skin care and digestion

-Always eat breakfast even if it only a half an apple you have to get your metabolism jump started

-Snacks are your friend. Do not be afraid to snack just snack on good foods

*fruits & veggies, hummus, low-fat yogurt, nuts, protein drinks, natural peanut, almond, or soy butter

-lean meats like fish and chicken are easier to digest

-At dinner stick to a meat and a veggie. No pasta & bread at dinner time

-One cheat day a week!

-Stick to foods that grow from the ground that you have to cook. Processed and frozen foods only slow the process down

-Eggs work for any time of the day and a great source or protein

-Use the Internet! There are so many websites with healthier recipes on making your favorite foods

Planning a wedding and preparing yourself to blend families and households with another person can be extremely stressful and emotional experience. Which can take a toll on your overall health you want to give your body the best foods as possible and exercise the body. Treat the inside of your body as good as you cover the outside. Don’t take the cheap route for your health. Even though you may be starting this journey because of the wedding doesn’t mean it ends the day of the wedding. That’s why you want to start 5 to 6 months out so that it becomes a pattern and a habit to eat well and exercise. You only get one body and what you do with it is your choice. Choose a healthy lifestyle and blend that lifestyle with the groom to be, so that if children come into the picture you are passing down such a great message. Remember if you live in the New York City area feel free to contact Curvy Chick Fitness, so we can tailor a fitness package for you or your whole bridal party.

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