Event ReCap: Styling and Stomping The Runways with Momma Dee & Love & Hip Hop ATL

Styling and Stomping The Runways with Momma Dee & Love & Hip Hop ATL

Celebrity Stylist Delvon Johnson & Momma Dee

Written by Lead Stylist for the event Delvon Johnson

It’s 6p.m. Vans are lined up and unloading the cameras for VH1’s hit TV Reality series, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Luckily, there is a place to park the car, which is filled to the brim with clothes, in all the pandemonium. Just based from all the cars in the parking lot, it was obvious that this was going to be one of those nights.

Models are running frantic. Some don’t have their make-up done, while others are unsure of what they are going to wear for tonight’s show. There is an aura in the air that something big is going down tonight, and the excitement in filling the air.

IMG_4308Instantly, I fall into my groove of things. Accessories, shoes, and bags are being thrown in every which direction. Models are coming at me for everything from having their clothes pinned to their thin frames to how they should have hair look for the first scene of the show. Designers are asking me a million and one questions. I see my friend Industry Hairstylist Marisa Shockly-Wilson working her fingers off. (LoL), (Risa styled Momma Dee’s hair the day before and she killed it). Coordinators are asking for call times and line ups. Then, all of a sudden, the cameras come on when the cast of Love and Hip Hop arrive, and its show time. It’s time to Stomp The Runway!

Momma Dee, who is the coolest reality star that I’ve met in this styling game, shows up in a skin tight black cocktail dress with animal printed shoes and bag. Shay, who we all were there to witness be crowned the “new princess of the south”, appears, in a skin tight red number that put you in the mind of Jessica rabbit. With her hair swept sideways into a blond bombshell bun, she looked simply stunning. Lil Scrappy, who is far from little, also shows up with a coolness that makes everybody’s head turn. It was a night of royalty, and yes, Momma Dee is serious when she says that she is the Queen, and her children are the prince and princesses.

Backstage, the madness never stops. It almost looks like a circus. But from the sounds being heard out front of cheers and applause, you knew that the audience was very entertained. The show went off with a hitch, and the atmosphere of the venue was fabulous.

The show is finally over, and the tension has finally died down. Pictures are being taken with the models and the cast. The night was a huge success, and the charity fashion show where Shay Johnson was crowned as Lil Scrappy’s princess, all in the name of fundraising for the Higher Family Achievement Association and Mrs. Georgia US Nancy Klausner, it was a night to never be forgotten. Special thanks to Atlanta Media Partners, Butterfly Cosmetics, MNS Media, Runwayink Atlanta, Unique Tulips and A-List Affair and photographer

Momma Dee Crowns Shay

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View All The Photos @: http://s1347.photobucket.com/user/concept_photo2/slideshow/Love%20and%20Hip%20Hop%20ATL%20Fashion%20Event

Photos Brandon Photoman Gibson

One thought on “Event ReCap: Styling and Stomping The Runways with Momma Dee & Love & Hip Hop ATL

  1. That’s my baby girl in that chair! She was a model and I am am happy she was apart of this event! I loved everyone I came into contact with. The atmospher was incredible! Sooo proud of her! Go Hailey!! #proudmama

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