Press Release: Workout 357 by Legendary Dance/Rap group “Oaktown’s 3.5.7” featured in Sister2Sister, HipHopWeekly Magazine &

Workout 357 by Legendary Dance/Rap group “Oaktown’s 3.5.7” featured in Sister2Sister, HipHopWeekly Magazine &

The HipHop Healthy Workout357 by Legendary Dance/Rap group “Oaktown’s 3.5.7” makes national headlines.

Oaktowns 357’s Sweet LD & Lil P first interviewed with “Sister2Sister” magazine in December, 2011. At that time, they mentioned they were planning a “Big, Healthy, HipHop Workout Project”. But it was still “hush-hush”… Lol. However, they did talk about their new single “Get Up On It” and the great feedback they have been getting on the song. Once the trailer was released in May, 2012 “Sister2Sister” revisited the story and gave the trailer a supportive thumbs up.

The ladies were then interviewed by Biba Adams of “” in March for Women’s History Month, Oaktown’s 3.5.7 stated that they were working on a fitness program; and they kept their word. Workout 357 is a high-energy dance/fitness program that combines world beats with urban flavor and takes Oaktown’s 3.5.7. fans on a proverbial trip around the world, while helping teens and adults enjoy being fit “The Hip Hop Healthy Way”.

In June 2012, Oaktowns 357 interviewed personally by Celebrity Journalist & Editor in Chief of HipHop Weekly (Cynthia Horner), were both informative and passionate about their huge, upcoming Health Project. They talked about bringing out an enjoyable, hiphop based, daily workout and stated that “they felt the passing of legendary rapper ‘Heavy D’, who once was under the same management as the group, really served as motivation to do so…” Another big motivation for the project stemmed from Sweet L.D’s loss of her brother at an early age to Diabetes and the fact that she herself suffers from High Blood Pressure… In conjunction, these things ultimately led to the decision that it was not only important, but also necessary, to add a healthy component, in addition to, the fitness portion of the project.

Since then, Oaktowns 357 has been asked to appear on several of your favorite reality shows and to workout some of your favorite celebrities. Also, on August 4th, 2012, Oaktowns 357 will be LIVE in Atlanta for the Official Introduction of “Workout 357″ to the Public at NuFitU (Nutrition-Fitness-A Positive U) brought to you by Ben-Jammin Music, LLC and Exchange Park Recreation Center. More details can be found on event at

The full project (“Workout 357″) consists of; Healthy eating tips, a full workout (from Warm Up to Cool Down), discussions with Doctors and Nutritionists, as well as testimonies and struggles.

Feel free to view the Trailer below

For Oaktowns 357 media relations contact Ernest Jackson at; or Reinchild at;

For bookings, business opportunities or to set up live Workout 357 demo in your city, contact Ernest Jackson at

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