Press Release: Teen HipHop Star “Young Vishis opens for Hustle Hard and D-Block

Teen HipHop Star “Young Vishis opens for Hustle Hard and D-Block

Young Vishis continues to hit stages city to city to promote his mixtape “Are You Smarter Than a 6th Grader”.

The youngest artist on the Native Son Records imprint, Young Vishis, has been making his mark on the entertainment industry since ten years old. At the age of twelve, while in the middle of releasing his new mixtape project; “Are You Smarter Than a 6th Grader”, Vishis released a remix of Tupacs Back titled “Snapbacks Back” only to have the entire concept stolen by Tyga & Chris Brown. The story made national headlines and gave Young Vishis a larger platform to be the artist that he was meant to be and with that, he continued to work hard at his artistry.

Since then, Young Vishis has continued to make his mark on the industry; opening up shows for artists like BET’s Lens on Talent/106 & Park star “JeBron”, Maino, Meek Miilz, Sam Adams, Jadakiss & Styles P (D-Block). On May 21st, Young Vishis went to the Female Hip Hop Honors in Los Angeles to perform with Young Lyrikkal; another young breakthrough artist from Houston, Texas. While in Los Angeles, Young Vishis walked the red carpet for The Female Hip Hop Honors Awards & Nickelodeon’s Stay in School Celebrity event. Among Young Vishis other celebrity friends are Somaya Reece, Actress and Comedian Kym Whitley , Shawnna & Ez The Lyrical Skitzo

Young Vishis has traveled across Pennsylvania making his mark on various cities and on August 4th, 2012 in Atlanta he will be among the performers at the Celebrity Community Event “NuFitU”. Also on hand LIVE at the event will be legendary dance/rap group “Oaktowns 357” promoting “Workout 357″. I am very excited about the opportunity to perform for the people of Atlanta and I look forward to meeting all the great talent that will be in attendance.” says Young Vishis.

This talented young man plans to continue his appearances and performances through a Boys & Girls Club tour that he is working on now with other popular teen pop stars.

Young Vishis’ other activities include; working on his new single “Young V.I.”, football season, school and touring. He manages to do all this and maintain a straight “A” average every year. He loves being considered a role model among his peers but at the end of the day, he wants everyone to know he is just a basic teenager that enjoys video games and hanging out with friends. “You can do anything that you want if you believe and work hard.” says Young Vishis.

Currently, you can view Young Vishis on some of the premier sites in Hip Hop/Pop Culture, “”,,, &

Young Vishis (Club XS opening for Maino)

Young Vishis “Lotus Flower Bomb” Remix (Dead Queens Soundtrack)

Please feel free to Download your free copy of “Are You Smarter Than a 6th Grader”

Also visit Young Vishis at:

For Booking of Performances & Appearances contact Durvel Wilson Sr. @
For press interviews contact: MNS Media Group Ernest Jackson, Publicist

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