Press Release: Young Money favorite E.Z. The Lyrical Skitzo releases new mixtape “FYF”

Young Money favorite E.Z. The Lyrical Skitzo releases new mixtape “FYF”

E.Z. Lyrical Skitzo “F.Y.F” Mixtape Preview

E.Z. The Lyrical Skitzo best known for his single “White on Rice” ft. Persia of Vh1 and R&B artist Eddie Kane as well as the hot Shawnna remix “Hide & Seek” ft Twista & EZ The Lyrical Skitzo is back with his new mixtape “FYF”.

The mixtape has a few local features but in this mixtape he wanted everyone to see the true diversity in his music. E.Z. recently caught the attention of Young Money President “Mack Maine”, who runs the site with Harve Pierre of Bad Boy. Mack Maine posted on the site that the track “Sound Like Young Money” and would make it the first site feature. Since then they have continued to go back and forth and discuss projects.

Free Download Link for “FYF”: (No sign up issues)

About EZ The Lyrical Skitzo:
Growing up in a home with two Caribbean born parents E.Z. was exposed to a different culture of music. The love of the tunes influenced E.Z. to get involve with music. At age 12, while visiting family in Jamaica, E.Z. went to a small studio with his uncle and recorded his first rap. This visit to the studio opened up a new world for him. When he returned home to the states he started taking rap serious.

After two years of honing his craft E.Z. hooked up with a local producer named Twizzle, who included E.Z. on a few mixtape tracks & compilations. One of these features was on a song called “What do you want” with MTV’s “Making the Band” R&B singer Courtney Kinard aka Chantz Kacey. This song appeared on worldwide music charts beating out songs from 50 cent, Ryan Leslie, Tyrese and Omarion. After appearing in the video for the single E.Z. received request for interviews and features almost on a daily basis. This notoriety encouraged E.Z. to step his game up. He purchased his own studio equipment and produced his own mixtape “Who He Is” and started traveling all over the tri-state region getting his music to anyone who would listen.

Over the next year E.Z. started creating his own buzz with a strong viral campaign, guest appearances and features on remixes and mixtapes. In 2009 E.Z. released an online mixtape called “SkitzoPhrenia” Vol. 1 which was the beginning of a four part Mixtape Series. The mixtape featured a remix of “Half Of it” with Slip N Slide Records artist Swazy Baby. E.Z. feels that on this mixtape series he shows you why he has the nickname Skitzo by displaying his many different flows.

At 21 years old E.Z. plays the part of writer, producer & Executive Producer to his own Institution Musik label.

Video Links:
“Anotha Dutch” E.Z. Lyrical Skitzo Ft. Eddie Kane

Do It (Bring It Home) E.Z. Lyrical Skitzo & Young Vishis

Free Download Link for “FYF”:

For booking, Features or Interview request contact:

E.Z. The Lyrical Skitzo appears courtesy of Native Son Records:
Durvel Wilson Email:

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