Press Release: Legendary Queen of The Bay “Suga-T” gives Statement on Don Cornelius Death


Don Cornelius meant so much to the world of entertainment. He showcased soul music that gave people a happy feeling in the morning when we woke up to the show on Saturdays.

This was a great feeling for me as a child and as an adult being on the show. When I got on the show to perform the hit song “Sprinkle Me” with my brother e40, I felt like it was a dream. It was even better when I find out that he let me and my brother e40 on to perform “Sprinkle Me” because of me.

I will miss him and pray that his soul rests peacefully. I hope that they will play the soul train episodes for the years to come and show the new generation the blessing that we had.

When the new host came on to soul train it couldn’t compare to Don Cornelius.

Suga T

For media inquires please contact Ernest Jackson

In Loving Memory of Don Cornelius

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