Press Release: Former Menace to Society Turned Author & Activist, Establishes January 2012 as Save a Child Month

Former Menace to Society Turned Author & Activist, Establishes January 2012 as Save a Child Month Challenges Nation to Do More Outside the Prison Walls Than he is Doing Inside Them

Atlanta, GA, December 20, 2011- Cedric Dean, a former and reformed drug dealer currently serving time in a federal prisoner, has dedicated his life to working with at risk youth and new inmates through his Safeguard Atone Validate Educate programs. Dean is compassionate about helping to rebuild the streets and lives of the communities that he helped to destroy almost 20 years ago. Dean applauds the great work of youth programs and justice advocates by declaring January 2012 “Save a Child Month (SACM).” This campaign challenges youth organizations, community-based organizations, Houses of Worship, law officials, juvenile justice professionals, the media and individuals to promote the adoption of January 2012 as the month to collectively and on a national, state and local level step up its efforts and offer special services and activities for our at risk youth during the month of January 2012.

To address the dire state of emergency regarding juvenile crime and violence, Dean has created Save a Child Month, a national initiative to help reduce delinquency and victimization among our most disadvantaged and at-risk youth. “We chose the month of January because it marks the birthday of the man who greatly influenced the movement of human rights (including children) – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and on January 20, 2009, President Barack Obama was inaugurated as the first African-American president and the country’s 44th president, and we are particularly asking for President Obama’s support and acknowledgement”, says Dean.

The goal of this campaign is to open doors and hearts for at risk youth who are on track to dropping out of H.S., imprisonment and premature death from violence and give our support and attention by offering preventive services. We encourage organizations to continue their programs but to go one step further by designating January as Save A Child Month within their organization and implement additional opportunities to engage the children in wholesome, enjoyable activities during and after school, with their peers, in safe places, and under the supervision of responsible adults where they will feel appreciated and cared for.

During the month of January we ask all movements and organizations who work with teens to rid their lives of gangs, gun violence, homelessness, prostitution, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, bullying and domestic violence as well as religious communities of all faiths that during the four weeks to concentrate on the following: Week One: Safeguard, Week Two: Atonement, Week Three: Validate, Week Four: Educate. Individuals and families can support by giving a kid on the street corner the contact for your local youth center, invite a child to your house of worship, contact your local media outlets and ask them to support Save a Child Month, write a letter to your local politician’s office asking for their support or invite law enforcement officials to speak to youth at your church, community center, or school during the month.

Save a Child Month is about a nation embracing every child and giving them what they all desire; acceptance and acknowledgement. We need not be afraid of our youth if we are guiding them and showing them that we believe in them. We need all hands on deck. Knowing that a month of love and awareness concentrated on their well being has been attributed to them may change their lives forever.

Dean would like to talk with you about his previous life as a drug dealer and his journey to reformation and redempton as a cautionary tale for youth who glorify street life and of inspiration for those who want to leave the life and the Save A Child Month campaign.

About Safeguard Atone Validate Educate (SAVE)
SAVE is a nonpartisan, comprehensive, campaign dedicated to positively impacting the lives of the misguided. Founded in 2009 by Cedric Dean, SAVE is one of the largest prisoner led movements and is widely respected for its innovative therapeutic and transformational approach to the pervasive issues of juvenile crime and violence. SAVE has served thousands of prisoners through its GED and Adult Continuing Education classes, Leadership and Parenting workshops and seminars taught in the Federal Bureau of Prisons by SAVE’s founder, Cedric Dean. Mr. Dean is committed to doing his part to expand and communicate the power of nonviolence and use it to nullify the senseless death and destruction caused by its counterpart.

SACM endorsements include: Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags, Washington, DC• The Georgia Entertainment Association, Atlanta, GA • BDS Publishing, Charlotte, NC • Platinum One Enterprises, Boston, MA• The Happy Home Communities, Atlanta, GA • Happy Home Communities, Atlanta, GA • Gutta Magazine, Charlotte, NC • Boston Urban News, Boston, MA, • L.A., Jackson, author • Get Connected Networking Events • Autumn Bailey Entertainment • Sharon Madison, Ret, Jacksonville, FL.

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