Press Release: Toni Braxton to Tamar: “I AM the Family Business!”

This Thursday’s episode of WE tv’s BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES gives you a glimpse inside the tension between Toni and Tamar and the reason why Toni fired her manager Vince (Tamar’s husband). Is this proof that family and business don’t mix? Take a look…

Toni lets Tamar Know WHO the Braxton Family Business Is
Tamar may think that music is the family business, but Toni sets her straight on who the STAR of the family is!

Please take a minute to check it out.

Everyone Else is WINNING!!
Tamar and Toni getting into a screaming match about Toni firing Vince. Tamar’s thoughts on Toni’s unhappiness with Vince: “Everyone else he’s managing is winning right now….sometimes it’s the artist, not the management.”

This is very interesting

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WE tv. Visit the show at

Saptosa Foster
The 135th Street Agency

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