Press Release: Winter Wonderland Freeze Frame Holiday Party & Film Screening Room

Autumn Bailey Entertainment • FILMAtlanta • Blank Stage Productions Presents

Believe Discover Capture

Winter Wonderland Freeze Frame Holiday Party & Film Screening Room

December 15, 2011 – 6pm -11 pm at The Foundry at Puritan Mills
Admission – 10.00
Free Food & Cash Refreshment Bar
(The Foundry does not offer ATM’s or accepts Credit/Debit cards)

Celebrate the Season by Donating an Unwrapped Toy and Give a Child a Joyful Holiday!
Our Charity Spotlight is

And in the Spirit of Giving – Pitch Table for Aspiring Filmmakers – 3 Minute Pitches is Back

If you have a smashing show that belongs on a powerful network, or you hold a feature length screenplay that needs a cutting edge, this opportunity is for you.

A Los Angeles based production company looking to expand into the Atlanta market is eager to hold its first pitch session with our fast growing “Get Connected” team. The new production company is focused on helping grass-root filmmakers develop compelling and commercially viable stories. The company will be spear-headed by UCLA graduate, Producer/Director/Writer Delano D. Massey. Furthermore, to kick start its arrival, the company has committed to FUNDING two projects: A Television Pilot, and Webisodes or a Short adaptation of a Feature Screenplay.

Submission Requirements Filmmakers must submit a one (preferred) or two page document stipulating what type of material they have, to include: Logline, Genre, Film or Television, Episodic or Stand Alone, Approximate Length, Etc… In addition, the document must also stipulate the goals of proposed works and why those goals are being pursued. Lastly, although we understand the need to explore all aspects of life in film, television and theatre, projects that are heavy in profanity or nudity will NOT be selected at this time.

Get Connected Short Film Screening

CARDBOARD CASTLES-The imaginations of two homeless girls illuminate their dark world and bring some beauty to their brief, tragic lives.

LENCEVO Imagine the most horrific fear. Is it a monster? A demon? A nightmare? A twisted person who can turn the purest soul into dust and corrupt it until it becomes evil itself? Lencevo and his twisted benevolence will make Ryden face the most horrible act. Murder.

Some doors open only once.”
Tom and Angela are at the end of their rope. Facing foreclosure, bankruptcy and physical problems, they are offered a chance for a new life… at a price. They must leave all they know, and can never return. Will they risk everything for a fresh start, or choose to stay and face an uncertain future?

A widow struggling with her own personal struggles, opens her home to women in need. Inspite of conflicts and differences the women bond as they share their past, future, love lost and love gained.

Not All Gifts Come in a Box
Be prepared to shed a tear. This is a Director’s Cut version of the jury awarded “Best Actor” and “Best Special Effects” film submitted to the 2011 48-hour film Project.

A hero who doesn’t back down – an avatar with selfless purpose – a champion that knows no fear. She is Edwina. And soon they will all understand that SHE IS UNSTOPPABLE.

The Odds are Against Him…. Time is Against Him.
This is an exclusive look behind the scenes of developing a growing popular action thriller that has evolved from a web series to a full feature film!

“Tracks” is the true story of a tragedy. A student reminisces of a day that would shape the rest of his life.

Check out the video from last month’s Get Connected Best of Both Worlds Mixer

December 15, 2011
6pm – 11 pm
The Foundry at Puritan Mills
916 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30318
Admission: $10.00
5$ Cash Parking Valet
(The Foundry does not offer ATM’s or accepts Credit/Debit cards)


Remember to Bring your Head shots!!!!

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