Press Release: Controversial Documentary Film Screens in Atlanta at the Peachtree Village International

November 28, 2011, Atlanta, GA – Born from several questions and disagreement of an Essence Magazine article entitled “Blame it On Rio”, which painted Brazilian women as prostitutes and gold diggers, and African American men as adulterers and cheaters, film maker Al Greeze decided to get to the real reason African American men travel to Brazil. What he discovered may surprise you and the documentary film “Frustrated” will enlighten you.

As part of the Peachtree Village International Film Festivals Indie Film & Screening Review monthly events, “Frustrated” will be presented to an Atlanta audience on December 5th at the Green Room Actor’s Lounge followed by a Q&A and open discussion amongst the attendees with the film maker, Al Greeze. The Green Room Actor’s Lounge is owned by acclaimed actress Terri Vaughn, entertainment Attorney Shannon Nash & celebrated producer Roger Bobb. Greeze lived in Atlanta for ten years before moving back to NYC and agreed to holding its second screening in Atlanta where it was highly received previously coupled with the large film and African American communities.

Why are African American men finding love outside of their race, what do they feel is missing from African American woman. Are independent African American women driving men away, Is it more than a plane ticket and a border that divides relationships in the African American community? These questions and more are answered in the film as told by the woman and the men themselves who have made the choice to live, work or play in Brazil.

With a desire to make films that can change the way we see the world and ourselves, Greeze explains, “I didn’t make Frustrated to bash African American women or to co-sign on men who do travel outside the borders for love, but an attempt to get us as a community to learn where we are lacking in our relationships as couples and as families and get back to supporting each other. I also did not think the article was an accurate depiction of Brazil, the culture or its people. It was not written with an open mind.

Also on hand will be celebrity chef, Jason Ellis, finalist of Hell’s Kitchen demonstrating and preparing great dishes to order and giving tips on cooking and sharing his famous recipes while attendees view Frustrated, network and listen to screen readings.

Doors open at 6 pm and the screening will start at 7pm on December 5th at the Green Room Actor’s Lounge, 25-D Bennett St, Atlanta, GA 30309 (Buckhead) and is open to the public. Admission is $10.00.
Seating is limited – Please RSVP to

Please RSVP to for media credentials and view the trailer at

About Al Greeze
A chance meeting with a screenwriter in Alaska set Al Greeze on a path to produce films to satisfy his innate curiosity about the world around him and his desire to make films that can change the way we see the world and ourselves. The goal of an Al Greeze film is to invite open and honest dialogues to strengthen the family and uplift communities. Greeze attended the Hollywood Film Institute.

About the Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF)
The Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF) Indie Film & Screening Review provides monthly film screenings and conversations to promote independent artists and to expose the community to great projects that are not in mainstream media. PVIFF attracts 5,000+ people each year from around the world. PVIFF was created in 2006 under the previous name (Sweet Auburn International Film Festival) and have served as the launching pad for many successful filmmakers and artists alike in the film & entertainment industry. This dynamic international film festival showcases feature length films, shorts, music videos, documentaries, and screenplays from around the globe. PVIFF also feature celebrity attractions, innovative workshops, panels, parties, and much more.

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