Press Release: Celebrity Publicist Toni Embry To Launch “Black Heart Genes™” With Designer Richie Lucchese

Glacé Entertainment Public Relations™ & Chief Celebrity Publicist Toni Embry Announced Today, In Time For For Fashion Friday, That Toni Embry Is Launching “Black Heart Genes™” With designer Richie Lucchese

Nov 18, 2011 – Glacé Entertainment Public Relations™ & Chief Celebrity Publicist Toni Embry Announced Today, In Time For Fashion Friday, That Toni Embry Is Launching “Black Heart Genes™” With Designer Richie Lucchese.

*** BREAKING NEWS – Exclusive Announcement ***

Our Chief Celebrity Entertainment Publicist Toni Embry Of Is Teaming Up With Clothing Designer Richie Lucchese To Launch A NEW Haute Couture Line Of Apparel Called “Black Heart Genes™”

The Spelling Of “Genes” Is Not A Typo! It Is actually a play-on-words that Toni thought of for the apparel line that is incorporated into its tag slogan – “Now, If You Weren’t Born With Good Genes…At Least You Can Buy Them™”.

Black Heart Genes – Glacé Entertainment P.R.™

The line will be an ultra luxe line being designed with Toni’s Celebrity Clientele in mind. For now the 2 co-creators are focusing on “genes™” for the line, but plans for expanding the line to include fragrances, jewelry, and additional apparel are already in place.

“I am beyond elated to be working with the illustrious designer that is Richie Lucchese! I have, for many years, had the concept for using the word “genes” and the tag slogan but have never been able to find a designer that I felt got me or the image and style I project. When Richie found out about my love of black heaarts, he ingeniously started a free flow of ideas and the end result is “Black Heart Genes™” – Glacé Entertainment Public Relations’™ Chief Celebrity Publicist Toni Embry

The vision behind Richie’s design of “Black Heart Genes™” is inspired by Toni Embry. Richie talks with Toni in-depth on a regular basis and uses Toni’s “voice” and direction to design what Toni has inside of his mind. Richie has the ability to “see” what someone is saying and with Toni and Richie, the chemistry was apparent from the beginning.

“Working with Toni is, obviously, a dream come true for me. What I love about Toni is the fact that he allows me to be the artist that I am. He encourages, motivates, and shows me a great deal of respect. He tells me, “Richie, I want you to focus on your designing and your family. Take care of them” He’s a smart man; he knows exactly how to work with artists and I told him “Toni, if I am happy, that happiness will show in my designs” and Toni is one person who actually “understands” what I mean by that. When all of this started a couple months ago, it was all business. Today, it has developed into a friendship between 2 like-minded people. It’s an honor to be a part of what Toni and I have in the works and trust me, it’s going to blow people’s minds.” – Clothing Designer Richie Lucchese

Clothing Designer Richie Lucchese hails from Miami, Florida. In 2009 he moved to Minneapolis, MN with his family and he also spends a lot of time in Nashville, TN. He is engaged to be married this coming March (in Miami) and has 4 children. Richie says “Miami will always be home, but I dig Minnesota and I love my family very much and living in Minnesota makes my family happy (Richie’s fiancee was raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis). Richie jokingly said “yea, I got tired of the sunshine, palm trees and beautiful beaches so I moved to where is snows all the time”. One thing is for sure, “Black Heart Genes™” are going to be “fuego” as Richie brings his Miami style and flavor to the line.

Visit Richie’s OFFICIAL FB Profile Here:

Toni Wants To Thank Gigi de Lugo Of Tropic Heat Studios For Introducing Him To Richie And For Her Working Tirelessly To Be The Voice Of Independent Artists!
Visit Tropic Heat Studios’ OFFICIAL FB Profile Here:

Exclusive First Look at the Sketch Prototype

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