Press Release: Giving Thanks to our Resilience Day 2011 Supporters

While the Journey to your personal Resilience Day is unique – one destination led to a powerful presence on October 22, 2011. Resilience Day 2011 was launched at Colors Restaurant with Dr. Emily Splichal as our host, and Susan Silberstein, PhD, CEO of as our key-note speaker. With many attendees, guests and sponsors filling the space, there was a present spirit of wellness, and beauty. Everyone left with heightened awareness. From the workshops by Holistic Nutrition Coach, Omena El; and Style Strategist, Trudy Miller of; and our AMAZING spa technicians from Kemetic Day Spa, Mint Dreams, TheophaniStyle, House of Beauty, and Eloria – the accolades continue to roll in!

Resilience Day 2011 raised money for Breast Cancer awareness via and christened the “Yani Silva Award,” an annual spotlight grassroots movements that encouragesResilience & Awareness. Thank you to special guest and model, Renee Jennings, who connected us with her castmate from NBC’s “Great American Health Challenge.”

It has been said that much of our resilience comes from community—from the relationships that allow us to lean on each other for support when we need it. For us, this was not a geographical boundary, our community lives with us at and beyond. Our core starts with co-founder, Steven Lewis of Kemetic Day Spa; my family at Last Look NYC with Charlene Whidbee at the helm; and Jovana Jenkins of Storm PR who transcended her role in PR into a full Project Management position without prompting. From words to fruition, The Perfect 10, 3-D Platform, Jay Everyday Radio and Kevin Cosme gave legs to the movement and we appreciate you dearly. To our attendees, sponsors and growing online community, you by far inspire us to continually raise the bar in our personal resilience and in the platforms we share with you – we are sincerely THANKFUL

Please join me and thanking and continue to support those who made this program possible…

Jovana Jenkins
Storm PR Agency, LLC
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“How Can We Help You Grab Life By Storm”

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