Press Release: 2011 Happiness Award to the Celebrity Honorees Robbie Williams, Ellen Degeneres, Goldie Hawn & Will Smith

Happiness in Hollywood awards On Global Happiness Day 11/11/11

Wine & Dine At Drai’s Restaurant 7pm to 9pm Special Rate
8 pm to 9 pm RED CARPET
Magician John Root
Sargent Tucker Performance

9pm Award the Celebrity Honorees
Robbie Williams, Ellen Degeneres, Goldie Hawn & Will Smith

Miss Happiness Princess USA 2011 Selection
Kitra Williams Performance

Auction off Millionaires & Models
912 OverGrind Hip Hoppers

Party to Drai’s DJ
Drais Hollywood, W Hotel6250 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood CA 90028

Will Smith, Goldie Hawn, singer Robbie Williams and Ellen Degeneres will be honored at the Happiness in Hollywood Awards on 11/11/11 Global Happiness Day, for spreading the happiness bug with their Music, TV Shows, Movies and Charitable works.

Will, Ellen, Goldie and Robbie have all been exceptional at staying true to themselves whilst on their mission to follow their dreams and making a difference whilst having fun.

They are great role models in a tough world that show us that anything is possible if you have hope and take action each day towards your dreams whilst trusting your gut.

Happy Charity helps through it’s Global Happiness Leadership Academy, Happiness Experiences Such as Dolphin Swims for the disabled teens, its annual Global happiness Day fundraising events.

Parent of a special needs child, Happy Charity and Global Happiness Day founder and event host Dr Shelley Sykes, who is an Award winning Australian Author & Philanthropist now living in the USA set up the charity here in America, after its inception in Australia in 2005. Global Happiness Day, which is now supported in more that 200 countries will be hosting multiple events around the world. She was a nominee for Australian of the year for her charity work.

Shelley’s inspiration is her son who was born blind and the doctors said he would never see or walk, yet together they defied the doctors and now he can see, walk and is passionate about computers.

The charity have been honoring celebrities and leaders since 2005.

This party will be the first Happiness in Hollywood Awards Party, at Drais of Hollywood. Tickets were greatly reduced due to the economy so that attendees who include many of the producers, directors, models, actors and actresses supporting the Happy Cause can attend.

Other Parties taking place hosted by the charity are in Sydney and Dubai to support Spreading the Happiness Bug.

For more details go to:

Shelley Sykes 678.767.2298

Press Contact & Permissions:

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