Press Release: Documentary Film Maker Al Greeze and Special Guest Panelist Discuss Film

Documentary Film Maker Al Greeze and Special Guest Panelist Discuss Film Frustrated & What It Means To the African American Community and Families

October 28, 2011, New York, NY – Saturday, October 29, 2011, 2pm – 3pm, Blake Radio host Deardra Shuler features filmmaker Al Greeze on Topically Yours to talk about his film FRUSTRATED. Based on the article “Blame it on Rio,” written by William Jelani Cobb (a professor of history at Atlanta’s Spelman College), featured in Essence Magazine, the filmmaker traveled to Brazil to interview Black men re: their opinion on Cobb’s primarily negative depiction.

Blame it On Rio suggested that African American men travel to Brazil in droves to vacation, and seek out Brazilian prostitutes. Greeze talks directly to African American men who live in and visit Brazil regularly, asking why they go to Brazil. Cobb’s article spurred a lot of negative commentary and various other articles about the dysfunctional relationships between African American men and African American women.

This show invites Doc Stanley, Blakeradio’s own sports host, who is moving to Brazil, educator Shareef Bailey who is writing his book “Rio in Retrospective: An American Story” about his time in Brazil, jazz vocalist, Jann Parker, Sharon Harris, VP and Associate Broker at Prudential Douglas Elliman will be on the panel to examine this controversial topic.Listeners are encouraged to comment and give their experiences.

The goal of the film is to open dialogue between couples and save the family structure.

Are relationships between African American men and women broken?
What does each want from one another?
Do African American women turn their men off? If so…how?
What do African American women want from their men?
Do they feel abandoned by Black men?
Is money and education the main reason Black relationships breakup?
Do some women self-sabotage?
Do men want submissive women?
Any solutions?
All these issues, the articles validity and more will be discussed with Mr. Greeze and the panelist

Listen Live on Saturday, October 29, 2011, 2 – 3PM–filmmaker-al-greeze

To Book an Interview or Meet & Greet with Al Greeze
Please Contact:
Lynk Public Relations

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