Press Release: Eminem and Selected of God’s “Lose Yourself” Helps Chrysler Sing Its Way to an Emmy


Eminem and Selected of God’s “Lose Yourself” Helps Chrysler Sing Its Way to an Emmy

Auto Maker’s Commercial Featuring Detroit’s Selected of God’s Rendition of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”
Awarded Emmy for ‘Outstanding Commercial’ in Creative Arts Category

DETROIT, MI, September 14, 2011 —The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences awarded the 2010-2011 Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards for programs and individual achievements at the 63rd Emmy Awards presentation. An Emmy was awarded to the Chrysler brand’s 2011 Super Bowl commercial “Born of Fire.” The two minute commercial features multi-platinum recording artist Eminem and Selected of God’s awe-inspiring rendition the rapper’s “Lose Yourself”, over poignant images of the city of Detroit and Chrysler’s 200.

Upon its premiere this January, “Born of Fire” received such acclaim that it lead to an offer from Chrysler to shoot a full length music video featuring Selected of God. Created in partnership with Eight Mile Style LLC, a Detroit-based publisher of Eminem compositions; the choir’s version of “Lose Yourself” is now available for purchase on iTunes and the accompanying music video, is rapidly becoming a viral hit receiving over 216,000 view in just a few weeks.

“The Chrysler Brand is thrilled to win a Creative Arts Emmy Award for our Super Bowl commercial, ‘Born of Fire,’” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler Group LLC. “Born of Fire was more than a commercial about the Chrysler 200, it was our anthem and signified the return of the Chrysler Brand and our company. We are honored to be given this award and would like to share it with the wonderful people of Detroit who served as our inspiration and, of course, the hard-working employees of Chrysler Group LLC.”(Detroit Free Press)

In keeping with the mantra ‘Never Giving Up, Always Giving Back’, all proceeds from the song’s iTunes sales are being donated to three Detroit-based charities:

● Abayomi Community Development Corporation:
● The Yuinon:
● Robert S. Shumake Scholarship Foundation:

As a result of its role in the project’s success, Selected of God Choir was appointed by Chrysler as the ambassadors of the “Imported from Detroit” movement and is currently recording a full length album.

Upon learning of the Emmy win, Selected of God Director, Larry Callahan and Music Director, Stephen Anderson expressed, “we began to rejoice at the fact that we played a part in touching the world through a message that came out of Detroit.” Callahan added,“We are thankful to Chrysler, for orchestrating what is becoming an EPIC movement.”

(Selected of God Founder and Director Larry Callahan)
Photo by Eric Hobson

Founded in 2002, Selected of God was formed with a mission of sharing the love of Jesus Christ through song; The celebrated choir has graced stages with some of Gospel’s premier musical talents performing at numerous churches, festivals and venues across the nation.

Selected of God’s “Lose Yourself” on iTunes:

SoG’s “Lose Yourself Video:

More about Chrysler’s Imported from Detroit Project:

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