Press Release: 4 Hearts Publications and Ci Ci Foster, The Queen of Sexy Drama, is Looking for Talented New Authors


Los Angeles, CA- Are you an unpublished author looking to get published by one of the fastest growing urban book publishers in Los Angeles? If so, 4 Hearts Publications is looking for you!

Located in Los Angeles, 4 Hearts Publications, a company that publishes novels for the grown and sexy, is currently accepting completed manuscripts from passionate and creative urban drama writers looking to get their work noticed.

“We are looking for novels that ooze drama and erotica, and ones that will captivate the urban audience,” states Kevin L. Foster, CEO of 4 Hearts Publications. 4 Hearts Publications was created in 2009 by Kevin L. Foster and Ci Ci Foster in order to give aspiring new authors of urban lit the chance to get their work noticed in the marketplace. 4 Hearts Publications’ success began with the release of Ci Ci Foster’s book, Sunny Rain, a novel that catapulted her as being one of the fastest growing names in urban drama literature.

“Sunny Rain is a page-turner that touched the urban market in a powerful way because it successfully infused sexuality, drama, and suspense in ways that no other book has. We are looking for hot new authors who can bring urban experiences to life, and whose stories mirror Sunny Rain,” states Foster.

If you think your work is grown and sexy and you want to be a successful, published author, contact Kevin Foster at, or visit their website at to learn how to submit your manuscript today! To purchase or learn more about Sunny Rain, a sensual and intriguing tale about the trials and tribulations of three successful young black women who seem to have the perfect lives, visit

Media Contact:
Florence Edwards
(310) 746-7149

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