Models of The Week: 9/04-9/10- Model/Actresses “Gemini Twins”

Hello, its Destiny and Telayah Monay and we are known as the “Gemini Twins”. We are on our journey to “Building a Brand” and we welcome you to come along.

Our goal is to make a mark in the in entertainment, film and fashion industry using our eloquent beauty, personalities and business savvy attitudes. We desire to motivate and inspire our peers that success can be grasped.

Our mission is to Network with talented individuals and entities with a vision and to work with some of the most successful brands nationally and internationally. Our brand is designed to collaborate with:

-Fashion designers
-Natural hair & make-up artist
-Editorial magazines
-Film/ media
-Enhance other brand products and services.
-Event coordinators /promoters

By conducting the correct principles of business and utilizing our knowledge in network marketing we have gained the notability we envision and we are not slowing down.
We are also designing our handbag line that we aim to launch fall 2012.

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Booking, Hosting, Photgraphy Inquiries:
Gemini Twins LLC
PO BOX 464953
Lawrenceville, Ga 30042
Tel: (678) 670-1702

Publicist: Ernest Jackson, MNS Media

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