Press Release: Artist/Producer/Songwriter “F-JAY”– Releases new Clothing Line called ‘LBYD’

Artist/Producer/Songwriter “F-JAY”

With numerous reports of shootings and stabbings amongst youths in London and the press continually focusing on the lack of role models in certain communities. F-Jay, 20, a solo artist/ producer and songwriter from South East London created a clothing brand called ‘Live Before You Die (LBYD). The inspiration behind LBYD came after the recent death of close friends.

‘Save Me A Seat’ is F-Jay’s highly anticipated mixtape, which is available for free, download, with LBYD as the 1st official lead single from the mixtape.You can also download his free mixtape here

Charmer produced “LBYD” the phenomenal debut single. The song illustrates the significance of living everyday as if it would be your last. The single is proving to be a mesmeric hip-hop song with smart savvy lyrics and encouraging debut single from the South East London artist. The song addresses and stresses the importance of living life.

LBYD the official music video is out now on Youtube. With the UK urban scene on the raise, F-Jay is tipped to become the next big thing out in the UK and he is definitely the one to watch.You can view his video below”

LBYD demonstrates and shows F-Jay’s deep lyrical content ability with street-smart savvy lyrics and fearless words with a very motivational but heartfelt tone, which speaks directly to audiences. “Life’s Lesson let it teach you” encouraging words from F-Jay on not giving up hope on dreams no matter what life’s circumstance. Time waits for no man and a dream will always be a dream until you wake up and make it a reality “Everyone knows that life is too short”, in other words “Live Before You Die” (LBYD).

For more info and press opportunities contact David at or +44 (0) 793 956 3465

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