For immediate release: August 12, 2011

Primary Contact:
Rochelle Boreland, Owner


Rochelle Yanique, Inc. will launch its new blog site titled “” on Friday, August 12th. The new blog will be an interactive extension of the Rochelle Yanique, Inc. brand. It will feature posts on hair care tips, growth regimens, product reviews and other important information about achieving healthy hair. Readers will be invited to comment on posts, make product suggestions, and they will even get the chance to have their hair styles featured in the “Hair Diva Spotlight” section of the site.

Rochelle Boreland, Owner of Rochelle Yanique, Inc. wants to provide a more interactive forum for supporters of her company. “ allows me to share techniques that I’ve found to be successful as well as learn from readers about hair care regimens,” says Rochelle.

Rochelle is excited about the launch and feels that this blog will show a more humanistic side of the brand. She says, “I check reviews before purchasing products and I sit for hours comparing prices. Just like readers, I rely on the input of other women to give me the good, the bad, and the ugly details about hair products and techniques. I want this blog to be one of the go-to locations for this type of information.”

Rochelle Yanique, Inc. offers customized wigs, hair accessories and protective hair styling solutions at the fraction of the cost. Rochelle Yanique has also partnered up with major hair companies to provide its custom wigs with their extensions.

About Rochelle Yanique, Inc.

Rochelle Yanique, Inc. was born out of the desire to keep up with current trends while being restricted by a college student’s budget. As a graduate student at the University of Miami, Rochelle Boreland found creative ways to style her hair. The techniques she used quickly became a campus favorite– everyone consulted her as the go to person for clip-ins or custom wigs. Today, Rochelle Yanique, Inc. specializes in the sale of these same innovative hair accessories. From handsewn custom wigs to clip-in extensions and fusion pieces, Rochelle Yanique offers customers the chance to achieve trendy hairstyles at a fraction of the cost. Understanding the constraints of the economy, Rochelle Yanique strives for styling techniques that are not only of high quality, but are affordable.

For media request please feel free to contact Heidi Wilson @

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