Press Release: Bengals’ #93 Michael Johnson Shows Well During Pre-Season Panther Battle


So it’s probably safe to assume that many of us have reasons to be happy about the NFL lockout being lifted and the players returning to the field….for FOOTBALL LOVERS (and the ladies); CINCINNATI BENGALS BABE #93 MR. MICHAEL JOHNSON IS ONE OF THEM!

The increasingly powerful Defensive End is the subject of a great feature on “Class Review” following a solid showing in their 24-13 Pre-Season win over the Carolina Panthers. READ:

While Mr. Michael Johnson and his hard core Bengals team mates are working hard knocking some sense into any opposition that even THINKS they are going to have an easy shot at victory, there’s still some work being done off the field. Michael Johnson, #93 of the Cincinnati Bengals is a bone crushing NFL Defensive End when he’s in the game, but off the football field he’s an extremely charismatic, very funny and all around, pretty lovable guy.

Not only is Michael a spokesperson for the youth “BinIt2WinIt” recycling initiative for the Sunny Delight brand, but he’s the Founder and Chair of the MJ93 fund, which support programs that mentor, tutor and sponsor camps that provide athletic instruction and give kids exposure to scholarships and post graduate education.

In his free time, Michael avails himself to his community by actively volunteering his time and resources to programs that benefit children both educationally and athletically. Whether it’s at the Boys’ and Girls’ club, fulfilling a teacher’s request to make a pep talk at a school or checking in on the Brotherhood of Excellence, the group he helped to found that focus their energy on mentoring inner city school kids, MJ is helping to ensure kids have an opportunity for a better future through academics.

This year alone, the former Georgia Tech standout has already sponsored his annual academic and athletic camp to the delight of hundreds of students, and for the second year in a row he will is participating in the University of Cincinnati’s Gen-1 program in which he will cover tuition costs for a 1st generation college local student, who would not have been able to afford college otherwise. With the help of his mom and MJ93 Fund Chairperson; Mrs. Thomasene Johnson, Michael will also launch “A Fresh Start from MJ’s Heart” a special initiative, in which he will be providing new school uniforms to his hometown’s Kingston Elementary School and making a generous support donation to his alma mater’s Dance Team at Selma High.

Standing at 6’7 and 267 lbs of muscle, Michael Johnson is no doubt a BIG man, BUT an even bigger philanthropist, and worthy to be applauded.

Media Contact Publicist: Trea Davenport at 678-327-8281 or Visit for more on MJ.

Exclusive MOM CAM Shots: Michael Johnson Shows Well During Pre-Season Bengals v. Panthers Battle Courtesy of Mrs. Thomasene Johnson

Shots of MJ in Custom Suit by Kendall White Courtesy of Trea Day PR

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