Teen Triple Threat “Justin Reynolds” Releases Video for “Runaway”

Justin Reynolds, the sunshine states’ own triple threat, announces the long awaited release of his music video “Runaway”. The song captures an innocent message that is sure to get across well to all the ladies while the video elaborates and has a futuristic appeal without seeming robotic. The energy on the set was well matched by Justin Reynolds enthusiasm and made it easier to get the job done.

Directed by Antwon Smith and produced by BlackOut Movement, Justin Reynolds, was joined by many talented dancers and crew members to create the amazing footage. The young sensation, who is rumored to be signing to a major label in the near future, found it as no surprise when Terror Squads own Fat Joe, showed up on the set to make a guest appearance.

Decked out from head to toe in Rush Couture, Justin Reynolds came to the set prepared to give it his all and add imagery to his music portfolio. Vocal coach Seth Riggs, known for working with greats such as Ray Charles, Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, Cher, Kevin Kline, Tina Turner, and Diana Ross, has worked with Justin Reynolds for some time and continues to be a cornerstone in his vocal development. Justin Reynolds has also worked with several other vocal coaches in Los Angeles and Miami.

In addition to singing, Justin Reynolds dances, acts and writes. Most notably his role in Seven Pounds, where he portrays a younger version of Will Smiths character, has brought him national attention on the acting level. Justin Reynolds has also starred in a commercial for KFC and has held roles in several theatrical productions including “Tarzan 2”.

His dance training includes Darren Henson, David Scott, Brice Vick, Fatima and Shane Sparks. Justin Reynolds has danced background for Ciara, Omarion and Ashanti, to name a few. He also won the dance championship “Take It To The Ring” in 2003.

Justin Reynolds also holds a First Degree Black Belt in Martial Arts and has trained with Steven Segal. “I relish performing, writing and acting”, says J Shoc, “and I give 150% to everything I put my hands, heart and mind to. Overall I believe I’m on my way to doing something very special.” And who can argue with that when he can show you better than he can tell you.

Justin Reynolds Behind The Scenes To Runaway

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